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    Hi folks,

    I've really gotten into 3-gun competition in the last couple of months, and my M9 is really pulling its weight - especially because I SUCK at loading my shotgun. Now that I have figured out that I can't go 600+ rounds without cleaning WHILE attempting to use Remington UMC it is working like a champ again. (Although I bet with WWB I could get 90% reliability to 1,000 or so rounds)

    Here is a link to 2 videos a friend shot at this past weekend's F.O.P. Lodge 59 Charity 3-Gun in Fayetteville, NC. Right click and "Save As" to save the file to your computer for best playback results. The file names are FOP_3Gun_1.avi and FOP_3Gun_2.avi, about 25MB each.


    FOP_3Gun_1.avi - stage setup "3Gun D-Drill"
    Start at low ready, at buzzer engage steel sillhouette at 75 yards: 6 hits standing, then 6 hits kneeling and finally 6 hits prone. Mandatory reload somewhere within shooting string.
    Clear carbine and ground, then advance to first line to retrieve empty pistol from table, all pistol magazines obtained from table. Load and engage T1-T3 2-rounds each (at an angle about 18 yards away from table). T1-T3 are painted with hardcover on everything except IPSC A-Zone.
    Clear pistol and ground on table, retrieve empty shotgun. Load shotgun from person or table and engage pepper poppers P1-P2 and clear plate rack (6 pieces at about 15 yards).

    FOP_3Gun_2.avi - stage setup "Hogan's Alley"
    Start inside phone booth, with phone in hand at ear. At buzzer, while retaining phone in hand, step outside, draw and engage T1-T2 (1 no-shoot) strong-hand only 2 rounds each. Phone must be hung up properly before advancing to next position. Advance to house 1 and engage T3-T8 (6 targets, 1 no-shoot). Advance to house 2 and engage T9-T15 (7 targets, 1 no-shoot). Holster pistol and advance to table and retrieve loaded shotgun. Engage "Texas Star" (5-Plate spinner occluded by 2 steel targets so it can only be engaged at the top and bottom) and steel plates P1-P6 (6 plates on stands). If you run out of shotgun rounds, you may transition to your pistol to engage remaining steel.

    I had a TON of fun and the M9 ran like a Swiss timepiece for 180 or so rounds. I dropped only 1 pistol shot the entire match with no no-shoots and as you can see in the 2nd video it SAVED me after I missed with the shotgun and ran out of rounds on the steel targets. I actually placed 3rd overall on the 3-Gun D-Drill stage in video 1, which was actually 2nd because the guy in front of me was firing so fast that the RO's gave him all his hits when clearly he had at least 2 drops. He's a nice guy, so I didn't care much. I shot so poorly the rest of the match that I finished 24th out of 56 shooters.

    It was a lot of fun for a great cause, and since it was in Fayetteville (home of Ft. Bragg and Army SOCOM) I got to shoot with a bunch of guys from 3rd Group SF and even some Delta boys. One such gentleman brought his ultra-trick Heckler & Koch 416 10" barrel select-fire carbine from work (the interim SF carbine until the SCAR project is completed). I wanted to take a picture, but thought better of it :wink:

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    THANKS for sharing!


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    I see your signiture line Digilight, I've seen some ads recently about these, can you enlighten me on them?
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    I'm glad you enjoyed the video, it was a bit grainy because of the digital zoom but that is indeed my trusty M9 in the videos. I forgot to mention that all the paper targets in the Hogan's Alley stage were painted with hardcover so only the IPSC A-zone hits counted, which is why I made up that last shot before moving on to the shotgun and steel Texas Star/plates.

    DigiLight is the company I work for. We just launched a line of tactical flashlights that have ultra-high performance at a significant price advantage. For example, our T12 12-Volt High-Pressure Xenon tactical light produces a lab-tested 227 Lumens (19x brighter than a 2 D-Cell flashlight) with a 60 minute run time, for only $99.95 retail. The bulbs are shock-isolated and have been recoil-tested to withstand 12-Gauge slugs. The Luxeon LEDs are the same made-in-USA 3-Watt versions that are used in competitor's $285 weaponlights, but our handheld versions are $79.95. We also have NSN (NATO Stocking Number) codes for our lights.

    My office is just 1 hour north of Ft. Bragg, and I work with some great people down there to beta-test our products before they get to the market. Units such as the 504th PIR of the 82nd Airborne, 3rd Group Special Forces and Rangers have provided feedback that make it into our products.

    The coolest thing is that I get to shoot as part of my job. We sponsor IDPA and 3-Gun competitions and I am usually recoil testing some new light or accessory. I've got a new 7.62 NATO AR-type rifle getting built as a new test platform, so I'm excited about that. It's not easy to see in the video, but I've got our 9-Volt Li-ion rechargeable 175-lumen weapon-mounted lights on both my AR and my 870. They come in handy during the low-light stages :wink:

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    Great info!

    I went on to the Digilight site and check it out, great product!

    I'm a light junkie and have a few SF lights maybe I'll get one and give it a spin. I like the fact that some of your lights has shock bezel. Big thumbs up!

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    BTW, I didn't see a "clickie" charlie hat type of tailcap, is that available? I light that much better than the pressure pad.
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    All of the T-Series lights come with a 2-Stage tailcap that is momentary in the first push, then keep pushing a 1/3 inch and it clicks contstant on. Click again to turn off.

    I agree with you that this is superior to pressure switches, but we offer those because people still ask. Here is a the ideal setup for a carbine IMHO, using a Viking Tactics offset light mount to position the 2-stage tail cap just in front of your thumb for ergonomic momentary/constant operation when using a vertical foregrip:


    This setup allows you to keep your natural fighting stance and activate the light momentarily, or, if you need to use your support hand to open a door or something else and need the light contstant-on, just click-it on. This is not possible with pressure switches. The Viking Tactics mount was designed by a Delta Force Sargeant-Major and is actually what his team uses on direct-action ops.

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    We have same great taste in lightmounts!

    I currently have G2s mounted in VT mounts. I like the lightweight and colormatch of the G2s (coyote & OD) to the rest of the furnitures.

    I will get a digilight for my new build and check it out.
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    thanks jng1226, i "r" a gun junkie and that was quite a fix. i am feeling better now... and inspired too. 8^)