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M9 Gen 1 holster.

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I'm llooking to set up my M9 for IWB carry. I've got a small collection of Jericho 941's, which are the other gun that's fun to find a holster for. So basically I've got a couple of boxes of holsters to try out. The first one I tried was a Blackhawk IWB size 6. It fit perfectly and will probably be my choice. I also tried a Bianchi 100 size 11. It fit OK but didn't go as deep as I wanted. I also tried out a First Line from Zahal, also for the Jericho 941 FS. Again, it fit but not quite perfect, however it was a bit better than the Bianchi. I also tried a Bianchi 100 size 12. It was way off. I love the Bianchi's so I will keep looking. So for now it will be the Blackhawk size 6. It's not elegant but it works well and has very little bulk.


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I do not know if you have heard of Muddy River Tacital, they do make several types of holsters for Steyr.
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