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M9: Future parts and accessories availability

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I am seriously considering the M9 that CDNN is selling. I am not a collector and am looking for a range gun that will double as a HD weapon. I want a gun that I can find parts and mags for fairly easily which is why I was looking at the Glock until I saw the Steyr M9 in the CDNN catalog. I'll admit I really like the price but I also REALLY like the way it looks.

Going by the handgun forums the M9 is not very popular right now. Is there anything that could change this in the near future or is the Steyr M9 going the way of the Dodo bird???

Are there any major military or police/security agencies using the M9?
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8 years ago I was at SHOT and met the designer of the M. he is and was a great guy/ He loves the gun.

Fast Foreward 8 years and I picked up an M40 at close out price from CDNN.

Now I also have a duty holster and as soon as my department has qualifications guess what handgun will be my duty weapon?

I have that much faith in it. Magazines are easy to obtain. I am also an FFL dealer and my distributor had several hundred, as of yesterday they were down to under 50.

They also have the M9A1 and M40A1 (over 100 each) but had only 36 of the M357A1

Buy the gun. Parts will eventually be available again. The Steyr M is the bargain of the decade. I don't think there will be a deal as good as this in a long time.
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