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I am seriously considering the M9 that CDNN is selling. I am not a collector and am looking for a range gun that will double as a HD weapon. I want a gun that I can find parts and mags for fairly easily which is why I was looking at the Glock until I saw the Steyr M9 in the CDNN catalog. I'll admit I really like the price but I also REALLY like the way it looks.

Going by the handgun forums the M9 is not very popular right now. Is there anything that could change this in the near future or is the Steyr M9 going the way of the Dodo bird???

Are there any major military or police/security agencies using the M9?

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The M9 that CDNN is selling is an "old" design. I believe Steyr stopped production of it several years ago. So, the ones being sold now are the "do-do bird", in a manner of speaking. No more will be born.

The reason it is so cheap was due to importation issues - basically, the importer and Steyr discontinued their relationship, and the existing stock was bought out at outrageously low prices - much of it by CDNN.

Expect that if you buy one, it will be at least 3 years old already.

This is NOT a bad thing, and the M9 is NOT a bad gun! In fact, it is an EXCELLENT firearm at an amazing price. MSRP is roughly equal to that of any Glock. The build quality and tolerances of the Steyr are way ahead of Glock.

As far as parts go, magazines shouldn't be too much of a problem. I have seen many internet retailers that stock them, including CDNN. For replacement parts - some people are definitely having a probelm right now. It seems Steyr is reorganizing their US business, and there currently is no importer for parts. As of now, if your pistol breaks, you'll need some luck to get it fixed.

I can say that these ARE indeed very reliable pistols. Personally, I have no reservations about owning and recommending them, even though parts may be hard to come by for a while. Yes, there have been some failures. Some pistols have broken parts. It happens. But overall, reliability is very high.

My personal thought is that for the price, it's worth the "risk". You'll be getting an incredible firearm for an incredible value. *If* something goes wrong, at least you didn't pay out the nose for the gun in the first place.

The new M9A1 is the replacement pistol for the M9. Basically, the polymer has been redesigned and the manual safety has been removed. Other than that, all mechanical parts are the same; even the slides can be swapped between an M9 and M9A1.

The new M:

I can understand the lack of support & enthusiasm for Steyr right now; who wants to buy a pistol with no warranty support and possible lack of replacement parts? Well, at the cheap price from CDNN, I would. I would NOT buy an A1, because the price is in the $450-$500 range. Knowing what I do about my M9 (and S9), I might. But if I were new to Steyr, I'd choose the cheaper "old" M9 over the more expensive redesign, at least until warranty support & parts become readily available again.

Bottom line? Buy it. It's a great gun, and you'll enjoy it. Once they are all gone (remember, they're not being made anymore), the price *might* increase on the used market. For now, you can rest assured that you're buying a fine gun at a bargain price.

BTW - I bought mine partially for looks, also. Next to 99% of the polymer guns out there, the Steyr M is one sexy-looking beast. Some people think it's ugly, but usually they find Glocks attractive - yikes.

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Check this thread in the Industry News forum: ... opic&t=683

Basically, it will be a few months until the US side of Steyr has its act together (and that may be a bit optimistic). But in any case, parts and repair support are finally coming.

I second what Hihosilva said -- it's worth it to have one of these babies in your hands now. If you follow the recommendations on this forum about cleaning and maintenance, you shouldn't have any problems having a functioning pistol. By the time you see any problems, the parts support will have been taken care of. Look, we have guys like IDPASteyr who have 100,000+ (yes, that's 5 zeroes!) through his gun. They are reliable!

The M9 is a great value....give it a try and you'll be hooked like the rest of us!


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8 years ago I was at SHOT and met the designer of the M. he is and was a great guy/ He loves the gun.

Fast Foreward 8 years and I picked up an M40 at close out price from CDNN.

Now I also have a duty holster and as soon as my department has qualifications guess what handgun will be my duty weapon?

I have that much faith in it. Magazines are easy to obtain. I am also an FFL dealer and my distributor had several hundred, as of yesterday they were down to under 50.

They also have the M9A1 and M40A1 (over 100 each) but had only 36 of the M357A1

Buy the gun. Parts will eventually be available again. The Steyr M is the bargain of the decade. I don't think there will be a deal as good as this in a long time.

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as stated by others parts and service WILL be back up.
steyr has had a couple of differnt importers and repair shops, they are now settin up their own in-house us side of things instead of contracting things out. Steyr seems to be getting ready to make a major US market push.

there have been hiccups in the steyr supply chain before and they have been worked out, now though hopefully they will be once and for all. An example; it was months after the awb sunset before standard cap mags were readily availible.

But the real reason to buy one is the gun itself, compared to a glock it is no comparison. I will admit glocks can stand up to more extreme deliberate abuse and function like nothing happened. But it was designed as a battlefield pistol, where as the steyr was designed by a cop to be a cops duty weapon on the street.

the advantages are; MUCH tighter tolerances, less felt recoil, much better accuracy, imeasurably better trigger, no parts imbedded into the poly frame makes everything replaceable, triangle sigths combined w/ the less felt rcoil makes sucesive shots signifigantly faster, and it just fits the hand better (egg shaped grip compareddd to the 2x4 of a glock).
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