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M9 first impressions.

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I got my new M9 in today from CDNN and it looks good. I have never shot one before, but for the price I decided I needed one for my collection. Thanks to the excellent tutorials on this site, I had no problems at all removing the ejector and action carrier. Every thing was dry and in need of cleaning and lube. My gun was made in 2000 so it has been sitting in a warehouse for a long time. I was impressed by the fit and machine work on this gun. Nice work and the barrel and slide lock up perfect without a bit of play. The only things I didn't like are the plastic recoil spring guide and the trigger is still heavy at 6.5 lbs, but it will probably loosen up with some shooting. Does anyone know if Jack Ash keeps the stainless guide rods in stock? If all goes well Saturday I will find out how it shoots. Sorry to be so long winded but for the money this seems to be a heck of a gun.
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Welcome aboard fellow Steyroid. Your tale is very similar to mine. I was looking to for a first firearm. The price certainly attracted me, the name and fell in my hand sold me. I am definitely please with my M9.

I have an M40. I just keep being impressed more and more with it's ergonomics every time I handle it.

One of these days it'll actually become my carry gun.
ya gonna luvit

Welcome...lookin' forward to a range report :!:
Welcome to the Elite group of Steyr pistol owners. I say "Elite" because unlike the zombie masses you've taken time to get past marketing ploys and find a truely superior handgun, which makes you special. I have a Steyr M-40 with night sights and it such a joy to shoot.

I wish you all the success and happines that I've had with my Steyr. Be sure to post a range report giving your initial impression on its performance.
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