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Well, I just got back from the range after shooting my brand new M9 and all I can say is OH YEAH! This is one nice shooting gun. I fired 250 rds of Blazer and Magtech with no malfunctions of any kind. The sights took a little bit to get used to, but it is hitting right on the money. I fired at paper and steel plates from 10 to 25 yds. I brought my P99 with me but I think I prefer the Steyr. The trigger lightened up a little after shooting it is now 6lbs. For a striker fired, polymer frame pistol, this is very impressive, and the best buy on the market.

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Sounds like your newly acquired M-9 met or exceeded your expectations in performance. More then likely you'll find that after an initial break-in period the weapon will actually start to perform even better with improvements in ejection pattern of spent brass casings and personal acclimation to the trapezoid sights. However, you can easily exchange the dove-tailed sights on the Steyr M-9 for traditional three-post sights or night sights. I personally have had the trapezoid sights removed from my M-40 and installed tritrinum nights sights.

Most importantly make sure, if you haven't already, to give your Steyr a good cleaning using the wonderful Steyr Maintenance tutorial found at this sight. I'd also like to add that your selection of ammunition was wondeful as there are certain brands that when used with the Steyr can create problems. For example, many Steyr owners have reported problems with WOLF ammunition in their Steyr pistols.

Enjoy your Steyr M-9 and safe shooting.
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