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M9 and S9 a question for you

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I just noticed someone posting about 7 FTE's out of 100 rds with WWB 115 gr ammo. I have had only two FTE in about 700 rounds, and both were WWB 115gr. Have any of you noticed if you are having more probs with WWB than other ammo? Mine fires blazer and blazer brass, magtech, and even fired some wolf with no probs.

Just curious if people have noted if WWB is problematic with the M9 and S9. Would be too bad if it really is, since the price is good.

Though i can now find blazer for about the same.
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Mine loves the WWB, no problems whatsoever, but I had FTE's all the time (2-3 times in each mag) when using the UMC Remington 115 grain FMJ. I will NEVER buy that stuff again.

Similar Experience with Remington ammo.

I tried some Remington ammo recently and was also disappointed with it. Found this interesting, as I thougth years ago Remington had a good reputation, guess things have changed, seems they may be more interested in selling sporting clothes these days as there are a lot of shirts and socks with the Remington logo on it carried at Walmart.
no probs with the remington for me

so far, I've had no probs with the remington, have put about 150 of that through the M9 so far. by no means a torture test, but it hasn't given me any probs.

I may be totally wrong about WWB being problematic, but i was just interested to see if other were having probs with it.
Remington ammo

How was the accuracy of the Remington ammo compared to the Winchester?
wish i could tell you

I really wish i could tell you, but to be honest, i'm not a good enough pistol shooter to really say any one brand is more accurate than another for me. I need a lot more practice before i'd be willing to say that one is better. For me, not being a competitor, it is about hitting a chest sized target reliably, and without malfunctions. I hope to one day have the time and money to shoot a lot more, but for now, I can petty much say i am at best good enough to defend myself in a pinch.

need more practice.....always need more practice....
I have been on this board for awhile and have noticed alot of 9mm users having problems with WWB, I stick to Blazer because I fear change. haha
I've put several different types of ammo through my M9 & S9. By far, the most has been WWB, but I've also shot some Remington, Blazer (both brass and aluminum), and whatever else I've run across.

Out of roughly 3500 rounds in the M, and 700 rounds in the S, the only failure I've ever had was ONE stovepipe in the M. Other than that, the three times my M failed to return to battery was due to user error (riding the slide home).

I'd call that a statistical 100% reliability factor. Well over 4000 rounds in 2 pistols with one "failure" - if you can call a stovepipe a failure.

Out of the roughly 4200 rounds I've put through both guns, I'd estimate 3500 of them have been WWB.
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