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M9 and PT Night Sights win SSP Division in Major IDPA Match

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Hi folks,

Some of you may know that I contacted PT Night Sights a few months ago because I was interested in getting night sights for my Steyr M9 and S9. They were generous enough to give us a group buy on their various night sight configurations. The S9 is my carry gun and the M9 is my IDPA gun and I was specifically interested in preparing for this year's Virginia Indoor Regional IDPA Championship (March 23-26), which was to have 5 stages completely dark and 5 stages with the lights on.

I previously posted about how well the PT Night Sights worked for me with their conventional sight picture. Well, I am very happy to report that I won the SSP Division of the match and came in 3rd overall with the M9 and PT Night Sights. Results can be found here: VIR/results/results.htm

There were 5 completely dark stages where the only light provided was your personal tactical light and night sights were clearly a necessity. The green rear horizontal bar/front dot configuration worked fantastically for me and allowed fast, clear sight alignment - simply placing the dot over the bar and pressing the trigger ensured the rounds went where the sight picture was positioned. After this match I have all the confidence in my S9 carry gun that has the exact same sights and handling characteristics. And with officer-involved shooting stats saying over 80% of incidents occur in low-light, this is a must-have upgrade for your carry gun, IMHO.

Unfortunately there is no video of the completely dark stages, but here is one video with the lights on (right click on the file and select "Copy to Folder..." to save to your hard drive for best performance):
I got a terrible draw on this stage, which required you to disarm a mannequin (which started the moving targets and exposed others) and knock it down before drawing your weapon and engaging the targets. After fumbling with the draw and almost knocking down the barrel barricade, I took a long time to engage the swinging bad guys (which required 3 hits each) but at least I didn't hit the swinging no-shoot in front of them!

Anyone have any links to free video capture software? I have a DVD of some video that other people shot with more lights-on stages. If I knew how to convert portions of the video to mpegs I would post them to show the Steyr domination!


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Nice post JNG!

Yeah, I really like those PT night sights and I also really like the price you guys paid to purchase them and have them installed. I paid about $90.00 for my night sights from USA Steyr for my M-40 and then I had to pay an armorer another $35.00 to install them. When it is time for me to put new night sights on I'm going for the PT ones for sure. On the plus side the night sights I purchased from USA Steyr are still bright as the day they were delivered.

I've had a few "what the heck is that" scenarios in the middle of the night and I'm certainly glad I had night sights. In pitch black it is almost impossible to get a sight picture from the Factory Traps. Although, I loved the Factor Trap sights and REALLY wish at some point they'll have night sight versions.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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