M9-A1 Slide not locking back after last round

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    Occasionally, maybe once every 5-7 mags my M-A1's slide won't stay back after the last round is fired.

    Anybody else experienced this?

    Should I send it to SAI or wait to see if it becomes more frequent?

    Currently over 500 rounds through the pistol since new.
  2. MrApathy

    MrApathy Active Member

    seen a few reports long ago but culpret was thumb

  3. Guest

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    Hadn't happened in the first 500 rounds - I don't keep my thumb high enough to trip the slide stop lever so I think it might just be a malf.

    I will pay special attn to the thumb though...
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    Mine started doing the same thing last weekend. I have about 2,000 rounds through it. I believe the culprit is the magazine, and not the gun. I noticed that after the final shot that the magazine spring did not reach its highest point, thus not engaging the slide stop lever. When the slide does not stay open, I just pull the slide back and it locks like it is suppose to. I'm not sure how to address the problem though. I thought about taking the magazine apart and working with the spring, but I haven't done that yet. Any suggestions?
  5. MrApathy

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    check slide cut make sure it hasnt rounded. check slide stop spring.
    slide stop edge that contacts the slide see if its rounded.

    then magazine follower and spring.

    dont stretch mag spring will ruin it.

    might want to avoid hitting the butt of the gun against anything as well can close the slide. similar to inserting fresh mag and slide closing without touching slide stop.
  6. FlaChef

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    clean your mags, dirt or debris could be causing your follower to not travel fully upwards.

    Aslo mark your magazines and see if it is only one that does it.
  7. Syntax360

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    My M9A1 did the same thing right after I got it - I replaced the mags and haven't had a problem since.
  8. nixon

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    excellent analysis/advise from our veteran Steyr pistolero's Mrapathy and flachef and rest of the crew.