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M9-A1 question

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I have a quick question.. I recently bought a 2011 M9-A1 to replace my M40-A1 (not a fan of the recoil of the m40-a1). When I was cleaning it for the first time (I always clean and oil a gun before I shoot it for the first time) I noticed that when I took out the extractor and the extractor spring assembly (the little spring and the peg it attaches to that go behind the extractor) to clean the channel that the extractor spring assembly appears to be crooked. In my M40-A1 and the eldest daughters M9 the extractor spring and the little peg thing it attaches to are parallel to the slide. In my new to me M9-A1, the extractor spring assembly is at an angle and "pokes out" of the slide when it is in the channel. When it was out and on the table it still looked crooked to me. I thought that it was weird, but I decided to shoot it and see how it shoots. (I thought it was maybe a design change). Well the extraction works great, but the ejection is for the birds! At least half the time the brass shot straight back. I then added the 1911 plunger spring (since I had one already cut down) and that made it worse! About 80% of the time the brass shot straight back or to the left. My daughter and I both shot it and we each "spotted" the other to see where the brass was going. With the added spring the brass was going over the gun and hitting our left arms. Do you think the spring assembly which appears to be crooked would cause that? I was thinking that maybe it was pulling the brass back at an odd angle. So when it hit the ejector it was hitting it differently than it was designed for and this ejecting it poorly. I already wrote Jeff @Steyr over a week ago asking, and so far I have not gotten a response. Maybe I will try the eldest daughters spring assembly from her older M9 and see if it is better. I am open to thoughts.. it is possible it is me, but I have no issues with the eldest daughters M9 and her friends Springfield XD in 40 S&W. I also have no issues with my 1911's (22lr, 3 different 9mm's and a Hi cap .45 acp).
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I seem to recall seeing somewhere that it is better to call Jeff than to email him. You may try doing that. I'm sorry I can't help with your issue.
Now that you mention it, my M9-A1 sends brass into my forehead every few rounds.

I'll have to have a closer look at the extractor assembly.
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