M9-A1 Odd First Mag

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by WhippingBoy, Jan 29, 2013.

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    Greetings everyone. This is my first post here.

    Yesterday I took delivery of a brand new PW Arms M9-A1 from Cabelas. Today, I took it out for a test ride and had an odd experience. I'm going to chalk this up to issues with the ammo, but maybe someone here has seen this before.

    I fired ten rounds and the gun stopped running. After these first shots the trigger seemed to reset, but upon pulling the trigger nothing really happened. The striker seemed hung up. There were no marks on the primer even. After some inspection I found material in the striker hole preventing it from full travel. Then, I looked at the shell casings. Four out of the ten primers were pierced; two completely, and two with tiny holes near the dent. This allowed material to flow back into the striker channel and foul the gun.

    I called Steyr, but the gentleman answering claims to have never seen this behavior. The ammo was Fiocchi, which he thought had a poor history with this firearm. I'm incredulous, frankly. He mentioned 'hard primers', but this seems quite the opposite of that problem.

    So, that's the story. Has anyone seen this before? Is this an odd teething issue?

    Now, I do want to say that I cleaned the gun back up and tried more shooting. Zero malfunctions ensued. Zero feeding problems. Zero additional pierced primers, even with the rest of the box. I shot 4 different manufacturers ammo and all of it worked reliably. This includes two types of hollow point and 3 fmj; both steel and brass cases. I shot fast, and slow. The only thing I can report is one failure to see slide lock at the end of one mag.

    Before getting my delivery I was prepared to see issues with FTE, but that happened absolutely ZERO times with more than 100 rounds fired with this odd mix of ammo types. I wasn't shooting for accuracy, but simply reliability testing and I'm very pleased so far. The gun does everything I'd desire, apart from the oddity experienced in the first 10 rounds.
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    Welcome to the SteyrClub!

    I've not had such an experience, so no comment there.

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    I've never had an issue with Fiocchi ammo in any gun, including my PW Arms M9-A1, whether FMJ or JHP. I did have an handful of FTEs and FTFs during the first 300 rounds or so, but not consistently with any one brand of ammo over another. As a matter of fact, Fiocchi Extrema XTP is my 9mm defensive ammo of choice, and has proven reliable in every gun I've shot it through. No problems with their less expensive Shooting Dynamics line either.

    The only ammo brand I've ever heard/read of that didn't "play nice" with a Steyr was S&B, which was indeed chalked up to hard primers. I've never had any sort of malfunction with S&B, but it does have a weird little snap to it that I don't care for, so I don't buy it anymore.
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    Hi WB,

    I also bought the M9A1 (actually 2) from Cabelas, but I haven't had any problems so far with them, but I have been shooting Winchester, Remmington ammo. I broke both pistols down this weekend and gave then a thorough cleaning and intend to go to the range this weekend.
    They are a great gun, my next buy will be an M40A1.