M9-A1 new purchase and range report - Thanks SteyrClub

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by jackpilot, Sep 12, 2007.

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    Gentlemen and Ladies,

    My M9-A1 arrived yesterday. I brought it home and field stripped it. Wow, how easy that is! I'm used to my Kimber Ultra Carry when field stripping...Steyr is much easier.

    I then commensed to cleaning/oiling the firearm per DAIadvisor's instructions. Thanks DAIadvisor.

    After the weapon was properly cleaned and oiled, I proceeded to working the action per MrApathy's instructions for "new Steyr owners". Thanks MrApathy.

    Now that my new Steyr is primed and ready to go, I put it to sleep in my field bag with 200 rounds of WWB waiting for the big day.

    I wake up today and headed out for the range. I'm fortunate to have one just 8 miles away. I only loaded about 10 rounds into each of my (2) mags. It was recommended by a few on this forum not to start out with a "full" magazine. Let the mag springs get worked in first.

    I chambered the first round and aimed down toward my target 15yds away. I put the Steyr sights where I thought would score something close to bullseye and squeezed the trigger....

    Low and behold, my paper showed a hit!!! Only about 2 inches low and left of center. Needless to say, I liked that result.

    I put about 100 rds through the M9. My paper target was flapping in the breeze after that onslaught. Not one problem!!! I'm absolutely thrilled with the gun's performance and feel. What a wonderful purchase. I ordered it from Gallery of Guns and got it for $429 out the door from a local pawn shop.

    A word of caution though. After some thought on a particular issue that I was having at the range, it was determined to be caused by grip error. I was having an issue with the slide not locking back after the last round in the magazine was fired. I come to realize that my strong-hand thumb was just barely touching the slide release. Evidently that bugger is very sensitive. I was used to my Kimber slide release which was EXTREMELY tight. If anyone has any thoughts on the subject, please let me know.

    One final point. Like some previous range reports, I had my fair share of people walking up and saying, "WHOA!!, what are you shooting?" They'd never seen a Steyr and we're quite impressed with it's look and feel.


    :lol: I'm a happy puppy! :lol:
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    Sounds like a good time. I'm guessing you were shooting out at Alpine? I always get asked what kind of glock or XD I'm shooting... :roll:. Are you positive it's your fingers tripping the mag release? I ordered my M9A1 through Davidson's as well and I ended up having to send my mags back to Steyr for an exchange because the slide wasn't locking back. The two they sent back and the two I ordered from OnPoint have been flawless. (I shoot lefty and definitely wasn't tripping the mag release)

  3. steveinaz

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    Good deal, now if we could get everybody to follow your regimen there would be far less bad reports. My new M9A1 comes in Saturday, and I plan on doing the full strip/clean as I have with my other past Steyr M's.
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    That's an interesting point, Syn. I'm planning on going out again tomorrow morning to test my hypothesis about the bad thumb placement. If that doesnt return good results, I'll need to look at the mag issue you brought up.

    Thanks. And yup, I was shooting at Alpine.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Glad to hear the good report.
  6. mike_hk2ksk

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    Good point Steveinaz,

    I became an owner of both M40a1 and M9a1 in rapid sucession. I did clean them, but not as thouroghly as was recommended here. I didn't have much trouble at the range but experienced an FTE here and there. I then did the entire cleaning thing and then some. I even disassambled the mags and sparyed the inside with Remington DryLube. Now everything is flawless.