M9-A1 at 1K

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  1. Ungarotonto

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    After about one thousand round this was my experience:

    Ergonomics: excellent
    Accuracy: very good
    Reliability: good

    In the first five-six hundreed rounds there was not problem or malfunctioning.
    At the fourth IDPA match I had some FTE-s, I blamed it on the wwb ammo.
    Today at the IDPA match many 6-8 FTE-s with UMC ammo. I had some hard time with the long shots, especially with steel. The trap sights are still more difficult for me than dots. I would love to use a fiber optic front at least, because when there is a backlight (i.e. light coming from 12 o'clock) trap sights are useless for me. Some newbees with fiber optic-ed Glocks whipped my butt today in those situations. Other than that I am happy with the pistol.
    I recommend to clean your pistol meticoulously after each use, especially the throat area and slide, ejector area, firing pin etc.
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    umc has been troublesome.

    start getting problems good time to clean specially the extractor channel.

    when it comes to trap site you need to focus on the front sight specificly the tip. I have a easier time with traps than 3dot.

    check madecovs post for aftermarket sights he might of mentioned true glow, trijicon may have set out now and then is good old pt night sights.


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    I find the traps easier to focus (with the loaded chamber indicator painted silver as a backup reference for my blurry unaided vision).