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M9-A1 accuracy at 25 yards?

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what kind if accuracy is M9-A1 capable of at 25yards/m(one or two handed not banch)?

I don't seem to be doing that well with mine :oops:

what kind of groups are you guys gettiong your yours?
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MrApathy said:
I get 3" groupings at 25 yards. if I practice and use good ammo I can shrink that some.
I must not be practicing near enuff or the 25 yard line is wrong at my local range. I do good to get a good site picture at that range, however that is not the same story with my browning .22 and red dot scope. I do on average 300 rds of .22 vs. 50-100 rds of 9mm mainly due to cost

I can get good groups with slow fire at 15 yds or less. I usually do a lot of rapid fire at these ranges also.

I have read a lot about IDPA and think I'm gonna give a try. I know that is a whole other style of shooting and recommended by lot of people on this site for defensive shooting skills, but I like target shooting (plinking).

I have just got back into shooting regularly a couple months ago, but I try to work on technique, as well as, just having fun. I have found that for me, I do better working on my technique and sight-in close, say 5 yds then I extend my range a few yards at a time to 15 yds first , then go to 25 yds.

I know at this web site you can download a targets traing guide tutorial:

Practice makes perfect.

Good shooting.

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