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Really Really considering getting one.
I'm waiting on Safariland to get back to me on avaiability of Duty Gear.

It seems that Bladetech is about the only company making concealment gear for the M40A1.

Also if anyone has the A series gun, is the grip circumfarance still the same as the older M?
I know it has been changed esthetically, but what about dimensionally
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I do not own the A-series, but I was able to fondle one at a gun show a few months ago.

Although the frip looks very different, it seems to maintain the same excellent ergonomics as the M. I was surprised how similar the two felt.

As far as actual dimensions, I can't comment. But I think you'll be pleased with how similar and comfortable the A is compared to the M.
I'm going to guess that the new dustcover/rail/trigger guard design will make it incompatible with most molded holsters for the older M series.

Perhaps certain Glock holsters would work?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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