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Disclaimer: The following is abstracted from Combat Handguns Magazine, Feb 2005. I in no way claim to be the author of this information, just trying to pass on the high points of the fine review to my fellow Steyr fans. For anyone wanting to read the entire text, please try to track down the Feb 2005 issue for yourself. Again, these are just the highlight people, but i am trying to keep it as accurate and condensed as possible....i have added comments where we have seen info that supecedes this article)...please forgive the typos....

"The New Steyr M Series .40" "(Back, Better ever - Reborn pistol boasts light rail and more)"

Turn of the 21st century Steyr introduced a revolutionary new pistol, the M series. Incorporates a number of proven designs features: short recoil system (intro'd by Sig in the 80's). Ultra modern and ergonomic in design, the M was developed to sit as low in the hand as possible, to reduce muzzle flip and control recoil. Unique about the M is the 45 degree angle slide and frame rails, lowers the profile while upward pressure from round in the mag keep the slide centered onthe frame.

Special double action, the M has Three safety conditions (now only two..they dropped the manual safety since publication time). 1) Reset action Safety System = trigger, drop, and firing pin safety system = safe until trigger is pulled. 2) Key lock, special key (or handcuff key in LE models)for Limited Access...dissables the gun, prevents dissasembly, slide will still work.

M series redesigned in 2003

Field stripping deatils included for the Ma1, but they are the same as for the prior M series.

supposed to be available in 9, .40, and .357 sig...S series was not planned (we have since seen indications that there may be an S series yet to come....keep your fingers crossed!)....

The new safety, which has now been done away with was supposedly greatly improved, and was going to be option on the Ma1.

Ma1 has a redisgned polymer frame (this is the big difference in the models). Better grip all arround, sides front and backstrap. Trigger guard is slightly more squared off, and there is an integral 1913 Picatinny rail, replacing the proprietary mount on teh prior M series.

Author greatly prefered the new frame.

Triggers were identical in both old and new, feeling like a long double action (odd...mine has never really felt much like a DA to me...but oh well)...."very good, resembling a conventional DA system" Author never had any malfunctions of any kind with either the M or the Ma1 in his experience. Accuracy was 4 inch 5 shot groups at 25 yards, standing modified weaver, under 5 inches in rapid fire (5 shots in 10 sec)

the Rail....Insight M3 and Surefire X200, and an X200 with crossbar locking system....all worked perfectly, and could be removed instantly.

Mag loading, he used a Cambi Loader from World Wide ORdnance....worked perfectly fo rthe M series mags.

"while the early M Series Pistol is now a collectors item, the New M series is available for protection, LE duty, or general shooting pleasure.

Some of the image caption quotes "

"Both versions were found to be combat accurate and easy to control"

"With improved grip, the new M series pistol, likes its predecessor sits very low in the hand"

""...comes with a fitted hard case, trapazoidal sight logo on the box, and 2 10 rd mags"

"With Surefires x200 mounted, the Ma1 fit into Unclemikes dual retention tactical holster"

Ok people....that is all i have time for....hope that helps....i hit the high points for you....for us regulars here at SteyrClub....anything i left already know abou thte guns....for you newbies...just ask....we'll help you learn about what we all feel is one of the best hanguns available.


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