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ministerofdeath said:
Thanks for those highlights! YOU DA MAN!

On the positive side you've got a weapon with all the benefits of the old M-series with some added ergonomics and the ability to readily accept a tactical light/laser mount on the 1913 rail.

On the negative side....the more I find out about the MA1 the more it sounds like internally there is nothing different between it and the M-series pistol. I was hoping that perhaps the extractor had been improved or tweaked a little and that it was more accepting of sub-par ammunition. However, I may just end up selling my M-40 and picking up a new MA1-40 when I can actually find one at my local dealers or gun shows around here.

Great job Ranger...major help and a real great addition to the content of this website. More and More Steyrclub is the place to go for newbies and old school Steyr owners alike for the latest information on Steyr pistols.

Safe Shooting.
Please hold on to your M40 for a while, am greatly considering the M40! How much are you planning to sell it? Still working on how I can import that grreeat gun here in Manila. It is a collectors and a good pistol!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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