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M40A1 for a Duty Weapon?

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I've been researching several pistols trying to find a replacement for my Glock22 (Good Gun-just isn't comfortable to shoot)

I ran across Steyr somewhere and it led me to this site! WOW!

I've pretty much decided on an M40A1 but am concerned about Duty Holsters? Anyone have any suggestions?

I currently run a Safariland Raptor Series and like it- one of the most secure holsters I've seen (Takes LOTS of practice to get it out quick, though).

The Safariland site states it makes a holser (6280/5) for the Steyr, but is that an m40 or M40A1- I've heard it makes a difference.

Any help would be appreciated- Also Looking at Walther P99 if no holster for Steyr- any thoughts?

Thanks, CJ
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CJLEO said:
I've pretty much decided on an M40A1 but am concerned about Duty Holsters? Anyone have any suggestions?
Check this thread: ... pic&t=1060

Unfortunatly, Safariland has no plans as of yet to make a holster for the A1.
I had mine made custom, but had to leave the gun with the maker.
The A1 is a fine duty weapon. I love the way it feels in the hand and the accuracy. Mine has also been 100% reliable.

Send Safariland an e mail. maybe if enough folks bug them they'll go ahead and make a duty holster for the gun.
CJLEO, Are you in the east of west side of the state?
Southern Oregon- Rogue Valley Area
Might be able to use galcos? I know they make holsters for the steyr.
I have a GALCO Leather holster for my Steyr M40 and I have been very pleased with it so far. Good Craftsmanship.
Galco only has one model of holster for the Steyr M
It is a pancake style for concealed carry.
Safariland makes one model for the M. The A1 fits very tight due to the light rail.

Duty (uniform gear) is coming along way slower thaqn off duty gear.
I think it would make a great duty weapon. An acquaintance of mine doesn't. I hear the sights take a while to get used to, but that just takes practice. I prefer .40 to 9mm... what're everyone else's thoughts?
I'd carry a Steyr handgun as my primary work gun over my duty SIGARMS P229 any day of the week....and twice on Sundays.
I do carry my Ster. everyday on duty.

The Steyr M or MA1 are excellent duty sidearm for law enforcement for the following reasons:

1. The Steyr was designed from the ground-up to accomodate the .40 S&W caliber cartridge and has a strong lock-up system and a well-supported chamber as a result.

2. A well-supported chamber is important because an unsupported or less supported one than the Steyr could cause a barrel to over expand and the brass of the cartridge to bulge causing serious damage to the pistol and possibly the user.

3. The trigger is only a 5 lbs pull which is excellent for a DAO pistol.

4. The trigger has a very short stroke action (1/8") that allows for short reset of the trigger after each pull and adds up to faster follow up shots with greater accuracy.

5. 3 Passive safetys...Steyr is a very safe weapon that can be carried with a round in the chamber with the utmost confidence.

6. The grip is angled at 111 degrees that means you have a very natural point when aiming the weapon.

7. Steyr magazines are very ruggid made out of metal rather than plastic.

8. Steyrs have a superior Tennifer finish comparable to the Glock and superior than the XD.

9. The Slide to Frame fit is very tight and that allows for limited recoil and superior accuracy.

10. Its a Steyr....Steyr Mannlicher has been a leader in the firearms industry since 1864 and continue to have that superior Austrian engineering and fanatical devotion to quality only found in that part of the world.

The Steyr A1 has improved ejection patterns over the M and is what I would want on my person if I was on patrol in any part of the world.
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110 The Steyr grip is also thinner front to rear, allowing it to fit more Officers on a single platform.
It looks like the A1 has a loop-thing for a pistol lanyard. Anybody think it'll hold well? If so, a lanyard will help out a LOT, as far as carrying the A1 for duty. Hey, madecov, where'd you send your A1 for the custom holster and how much did it cost for a custom?

he's local. also had a concealment holster made before anyone else had them available.

It's adequate but not anywhere to the level of safariland. and it was expensive.
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