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M40A-1 Readyline IWB Holster from AKJ ConcealCo

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Like everybody else with a MA-1 I've been looking for a good holster for it. I looked around at a couple of different sites and didn't find much. I talked to the guys at High Noon and they offered to alter the M holster to fit the MA-1 since they have the mold but it was going to be very expensive ($120) and take at least 12 weeks just to make it let alone ship it. I really liked their product but was not crazy about this. That's when I found AKJ on the list and to my pleasant surprise they are STOCKING their MA-1 holster, I got mine in three weeks. Granted the color was limited to brown and only in ambidextrous. But for $66 shipped I was sold.

They have a very unique design for their IWB.

The way they keep the mouth open is by folding over the spine and stiching it to itself and some very good wet forming.

It keeps it open enough that one handed reholstering is no problem.

The hole under the threaded rivet for the rear belt loop is so you can adjust the angle to your preference. By unscrewing the rivet you can also change it from right to left handed.

There is extra material that extends past the muzzle to help break up the pattern of the muzzle to keep from printing.

All in all I am very pleased with this holster and the workmanship is very very good. In my opinion if you are looking for a IWB for your MA-1 or any other gun for that matter you aren't going to go wrong ordering this one.
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I've got the same holster in black for my M40, and I really like it. It's my second IWB from them; the first is for a 4" S&W K frame.
I recently received the same holster for my M40-A1 and am so far very pleased with's taking some getting used to and breaking in to get the draw quick and was quite snug at first and would bind when I tried to draw...also as an added fits my PX4 fairly well also
Thanks for posting this. I just picked up my new A1 on Friday, but I didn't get a chance to take it out until today (gf isn't so into guns. Not an anti, but when we only get to see each other on weekends, well, there's other stuff to do besides go to the range). So, I didn't realize until earlier that the half dozen or so holsters I had for my M1 don't fit. After looking at all the various offerings in this forum, I saw your pics. It looks to me like you are aprox. the same size as me. I had some difficulty with patterning with my other holsters, but if this one works for you, I'm sold. Just bought one, plus, they are are stocking black. I'll let you know how it turns out. Supposed to ship within a week.

Hey Mac

Glad I could help, here is another post about holsters that is good. I plan on getting the Blueline paddle for some occasions. Let me know how it all works out for you.
Well, my ready-line wasn't so ready. I just got the holster late last week. I'm a little miffed about that. I did call them several weeks ago to see what the hold up was, but they didn't return my call. However, I am pleased enough with the product that I almost don't even care.

It was a really snug fit when I got it, but I put the gun in a plastic bag and holstered it. After sitting that way for a night, the fit is perfect. It's snug enough to retain it, and the draw is super smooth.

Really nice. It conceals perfectly even under loose t-shirts. I'm a very happy camper.
Sorry to hear about the problems. If you ordered black maybe that was the problem? Don't know, but I'm glad your happy with it even after everything. It is a little snug at first, mine would half draw the slide back when I holstered when it was new, now it's perfect.
Bought mine a while back....

I bought my holster a while back. It is probably one of the best purchases, besides my Steyr, that I have ever made. I too had a little delay with the shipment of my holster but I did receive a signed letter apologizing for the delay and thanking me for the purchase.

One thing to remember is that these guys are a small outfit. They have a great product and have been seeing a great demand. The delay in shipment is a small sacrifice to pay for such a great holster.
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