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M40 vs. Taurus 24/7

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I'm thinking about picking up a M40 to go with my M9, but I also like the Taurus 24/7 .40. Anyone know how the two compare? Considering Steyr's current service problem (or maybe I should say lack of service), the Taurus lifetime warranty is pretty attractive.
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I finally got to handle a 24/7 (in .45 ACP) at a gun show this afternoon. The grip, which lacks the rubber overmolding of the other calibers (I assume this is to make it more compact), was quite comfortable for a double-stack .45. In fact, the same dealer also had a .45 ACP S&W 99 and the two guns seemed to be vary similar in size. The 24/7, while not as sleek looking as the 99, was much more graceful in person than in the photos of it which I've seen.

The trigger of this particular 24/7, while not the short and sweet dream that typifies that of the Steyr, was no interminable nightmare, either. I would guess that it started at about 5 or 6 pounds and stacked to about 8 or 10 right before releasing crisply. It was pretty smooth throughout and it was easy to stage at the point right before the striker was released. I would judge it to be easier to handle than most DA revolvers.

Control layout, while not the worst, could stand a couple of enhancements. I'd prefer the safety to be ambidextrous and I'd like a little more separation between it and the slide release. The mag release was easy enough to activate with either the thumb (right handed) or the trigger finger (left handed). Also, the rear sight seemed kinda wimpy; I'm not even sure about how it's secured to the slide (there was a screw-head visible but no dovetail).

Also on the plus side, the gun did lock up tight and the barrel features a polished integral feed ramp.

The gun should sell for about $100 less than a Glock; that combined with it's magazine capacity and other features should make it worth a look.
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