M40 Range report (jammed)

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    Hey guys, what’s up new member here!
    Figured I would make my first post a good one.

    I just got my brand new, never fired, new M40-A1 and took it out last weekend to be disappointed to say the least. Now im not knocking Steyr, I was just disappointed because I didn’t get to shoot it that much! I understand guns need break in periods.

    Eye candy


    I only got to blow through one 12 round clip before getting a nasty jam on the second clip.

    However, I was able to come home and clear the jam easily thanks to the information I found on this board.
    Thank you!

    Build #

    AMMO was .40 cal UMC yellow box
    I know not the best, but not wolf....

    My friend was on his 3 round after an old round “didn’t fire”.
    This is the culprit that I removed when I got home thanks to the information I got on this board.


    You can see the scratch along the side of this bullet plus the teeth marks on the head. When it was jammed, you could see that metal (lead) from the head was stuck between the barrel and the top of the slide. Thats why I waited to get home.


    Please, im not that good of a shot yet, but this was the grouping from 30ft. I like the sights


    Well it seems to me that the cause of my jam was not the ammo or the gun.
    I think I might have a bent clip, I can almost mimic jams just by doing dry runs cycling through ammo.
    This only seems to happen with one of my factory clips.
    I'll be putting it to the test this weekend.

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    Welcome to SteyrClub!!!!

    Great Post, Great Photos....

    ...please keep us informed of any progress you make!!!!

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    brand new never fired? one mag is a problem?

    pretty good chance you've just got some crud in the mag which is messing with the follower.

    i bet that if you take the mag apart and clean everything well your problem will vanish, along with all your ammo!

    enjoy. and watch out for umc. a known offender in steyrs. WWB or CCI blaser brass both work excellently.
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    welcome to the club, i too once had a M40 but not an A1 model. i'm now using an M9A1 for most of my shooting sessions. anyway, i was just wondering why the firing pin dent on your bullet not centered? very unusual, try testing another batch of ammo and let the gun settled in, a few hundred rounds will do the job. if it still malfunction, have it checked out. enjoy shooting
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    Thanks for the compliments, there is lots of room to shoot in AZ. Desert for miles and lots of enthusiast.
    I'll post some pictures of my Px4 storm soon

    Ya I saw that the pin is not centered, but most likely since there was debris between the slide and barrel when it was fired, that in fact the "bullet' wasn't centered. At the same time not being centered, it was to far away from the firing pin and not discharging. Next time I shoot on Saturday, i'll grab and few old shells and check to see if the charges are centered.

    Whatup BigTaco, ya im going to be taking that apart along with lubing my gun up tomorrow. I did some reading too and saw that UMC is a known offender. If anything i'll be doing some tests and micing out jammed rounds for tolerances, if I get any. I study engineering, and a gun is a gun, it’s a mechanical device that if you limp wrist it, its not going to work. I hate it when people flip out for 1 or 2 jams. Obviously the tolerances are tight. I’m not worried, it just gives me better reason to put more ammo though it.