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M40 Questions

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OK, here is the deal, by day I'm a Glock Driver, only by department choice. I really like the M40 series and am forced into buying one. Some background on why, I also teach firearms at a Police Academy, and my department states that I can not use department issued items for secondary jobs, not a big deal. So, therefore, I am going to get a M40 for that and off-duty. Now, here are my questions for you guys.

1. Is there any inherent problems with the M40?
2. Since the initial offering, is there a new generation of the handgun?
3. What companies make off-duty concealed carry holsters that YOU WOULD TRUST YOUR LIFE WITH?
4. Is there an upgrade to the factory non-night sights?

Thanks for your time, and I really like this site....OH YEAH WHERES MY AUG A3???????????????
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M40-a1 is out now, essentially the same gun with a redisgned grip and integrated weaponlight rail.

here is a link to one for sale with i'm not the one selling it.

enjoy ... m=43611851

No inherant probs with them, some have had extractor issues that are usually resolved with a good cleaning, and the a1 version of the gun are supposed to have a slightly revised extractor...I'm sure other shooters here can give you much more detail on that.

several holster threads on the site....they may help you.

I'm a plinker with my guns, so my life does not depened on i'm not the best source of duty info.

Madecov will probably have some good info for you, hang around, he'll stop by soon i'm sure.
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madecov and daiadvisor are our resident leo's.

Check the holster section for reviews and opinions, there's enough there to keep you reading for a while.

The new MA1's are the same internals w/ a different shaped grip and a light rail, w/ the exception of the extractor pin which is rounded instead of bevelled.

Read through these forums; especially all the "should I get one" type threads and all the range report threads.

It really is a much more ergonomic and sweeter shooter than the Blocks. But it will require more care, maybe not as much as a 1911 but closer to them than the blocks. Tolerances are overall much tighter, with corresponding increase in accuracy.
Ranger gave some great information and I'll just add the following:

1. If you look through this website you'll see some folks switched out the factory trapezoid sights for PT Night Sights. There are some great pictures posted within the threads on the PT Night Sights. However, the M-40 and MA1-40 have traditional dove tail sights and can accept any night sight or traditional three-post sight that the glock can.

2. If you go with the MA1-40 you'll be limited in holster options. Right now with only FIST and Bladetech stocking holsters for them. The M-40 has A TON of companies making holsters for it and you'll find a complete list for the M-40 in our Holster forum. I use the GALCO high-fletch black holster and I do trust me life to it everyday. The GALCO is some very high quality leather and so well formed for the M-series that I know there is no way my weapon is leaving it by accident.

3. The M-40 is like any other pistol you'll find that is in or was in mass production in that there have been reports of various failures from time-to-time, but in most cases a good cleaning clears that up. We have an excellent Tutorials and Information section here that give step-by-step instruction on cleaning every part of the M-40. In rare cases (I can count them on my hand) some of over 1,000 members have had malfunctions they could not clear-up on their own, but Steyr Arms has service up and running very well now and can clear-up any problem.

I'll just say in closing it is a good pistol and you'll really like the way it fires as it is crazy accurate. Let us know if you end up with one and put-up a range report of your impressions.

Safe Shooting.
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However, the M-40 and MA1-40 have traditional dove tail sights and can accept any night sight or traditional three-post sight that the glock can.

Just a clarification........Glock rear sites fit the dovetail........front sites ????
Well, I'm telling you what the armorer who did my installation told me that the sights on the Steyr are a traditional dove tail. I have never known anyone who put in the glock's factory sights for the Steyr's, but I don't see why it couldn't be done.
I was thinking of the pinned front Glock site......wouldn't be worth messing around with it............PT nitesites would would be fine......
Currently there is no duty leather for the Steyr MA1
Safariland makes the 6280 for the M.

Most all of the custom shops make leather for the M. The A1 currently only FIST is willing to make for it. Bladetech might make for the A1 but e mails from them have been vague at best.

I carry my M40 in a 6280 on duty most days.
I have a custom made (poor) duty holster for the A1 and use it in the summer.
I appreciate all the info sorry that I could not get on sooner, I had an autopsy to go to (my first since promoted to LT.). Anyway, I have not seen in person one of the A1 series, however, I like the idea of the rail mount for a light. On the M40 dust cover area, what are the grooves for? I'm still looking for either an M40 or M40A1, I almost bought one about a year ago, but the dealer talked me out of it for some reason. I will post my range report once I get a gun in hand.

Your right about the info on this board, I actually came across this site by accident. I was looking for info on the AUG A3, and this came up. Anyways, I'm glad I joined, and I'm sure you will be hearing from me with much more Steyr savy info in the future.
back in '99 when the M was first introduced there was no "standard" rail. H&K, Walther, and Steyr each had their own. Those are the notches on the front of the frame.

But on one ever made any attachments for the steyr rail, though IGB did come out w/ an adaptor, see the link to MDW in our links area for one.
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