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    Do any of you guys know if anyone makes a guide-rod laser for the M40? I know someone manufactures one for the Glock, was just wondering about the Steyr. Thanks!

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    Nope, not that I know of. Sorry. :(


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    dont we wish!

    It would be nice to see one of these made, it would be an indication that Steyr had become a major player in the handgun business....alas....we Steyr faithful must wait a bit longer for the full USA product roll out....come on AUG....might have to take out a HELOC to get one, but damn....it would be fun.
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    Laser sight

    I actually contacted Lasermax and asked if they had one to fit the M or S series. They replied promptly they did not make one for the M or S series. I then replied that I knew that, but the qeustion was do they manke one that FITS the M-series. I haven't heard from them on this. I am not averse to making mods to the sight and/or gun in order to make it work, especially if I can pass it along to the rest of you gents. S&M pics are coming soon. I just have to find a final finish with the right properties (durability, grip, etc.).

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