M40 Major Malfunction

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    Ok I didn't realize the pins were one piece w/ the striker release (also refered to as the sear) and not seperate pins.

    Yes there was one confirmed case of one breaking like 8-9 months ago on GT. A close up macro pic clearly showed what appeared to be a casting bubble in the metal (would not have looked flawed from the outside). It caused the trigger to also become completely inoperable, whter or not it reset I don't know.

    I don't remeber what username.

    He sent it back to davidson's and got a new one three days later no questions asked, I remebr this because it was the case that made me decide to spend the extra $30 and get my second steyr from davidson's.

    My dealer even uses davidson's on occasion, and he didn't even know about their lifetime replacement warranty.

    Forget the serial range as this is very isolated, can you get a look at the two broken ends w/ a magnifieng glass, or better yet do you have a macro capable digicam?