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M40 Mag in a M9

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Hey all, just got my new mags from CDNN. The only problem is that I ordered 2 standard cap M9 mags and got 2 standard cap M40 mags. Was wondering if it'd be worth it to send them back and get the right ones or just mod them so I can use them.
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There are plenty of people who will come down on both sides of this issue. Personally, magazines are too important to the operation of the gun, in my opinion, to take chances. I know others will say they modified .40 mags and have thousands of mishap-free rounds down range. I'm just not willing to take the chance...especially if it's something I would carry.

CDNN is a pretty stand-up outfit. Call them and tell them about their mistake....then get the right mags.
My initial reaction was to return them but my desire to tinker with things got the better of me for a bit. Just a little frustrating when you don't get what you order. Oh well. I'm going to give 'em a call and get it fixed.
Cool avitar. Is "Roundup" your M9's nickname?

What do you mean by "standard capacity"? If you mean 10 round, and they sent you 10 rd M40 mags rather than 10 rd M9 mags, I'd consider converting them rather than returning them. The conversion's not difficult and they'll easily hold 12 rds of 9mm.
Standard is usually meant to be what they were designed to hold (often mistakenly refered to as hi-cap)

Hi-caps strictly speaking are like the big 30 round double mags, etc.

10 rounds or neutered or crippled is the clinton 94-04 debacle.
I agree with you, but you can't unring a bell, and Clinton's action screwed up the terminology for the foreseeable future. It also won't help that some areas persist in keeping the 10 rd limit.
weed, send it back I'm sure they'll change it no prob.

you could modify, but why not get what you paid for? i know I'd be afraid of screwing it up if i tried.
FWF said:
Cool avitar. Is "Roundup" your M9's nickname?

What do you mean by "standard capacity"? ...
Thanks on the avitar, haven't considerd nicknaming my steyr but roundup seems appropriate ;).

My standard cap. I mean what the gun usually ships with.
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