M40 & M9; Probably Stupid ?? from Newbie

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    Just bought one of each this summer and love them both. I've found lot of good information here and appreciate it since in the travels I've done this summer, no one seems to know the Steyr or carry it (I bought both mine online from a dealer in AZ)

    1. Keeping one mag loaded at all times for home defense. What is a good rule of thumb for changing them out to keep springs from getting weak or is that even an issue?

    2. Read a lot about new "guide rods" (OK, dont laugh) What is the advantage to changing these out before they are worn out?

    3. I used the picture tutorial for cleaning that I found here (extremely well done, btw). I shoot my weapons every week or 2; How often should I tear them down for a good cleaning? Anything I should clean/lube between teardowns?

    4. Are any of the parts in the M9 and M40 interchangeable?

    5. Here's the REALLY stupid one...they somehow got into different cases and the M40 had a 9mm round put through it. Noticed the casing had expanded when it ejected. I tore them both down and cleaned them last night and looked in the barrel for marks or scoring but saw none. Is there anything else I should look for or worry about? (besides not letting that happen again)

    Thanks very Much for any and all answers
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    1. According to this article, it is not an issue with a properly designed spring. General consensus (and science) indicates that the process of compressing the spring over and over again is what cause fatigue. If that is true, allowing your springs to "rest" will shorten (to a slight degree) the life of the spring. The usual anecdote used to illustrate this point is "you don't jack your car off the ground at night to allow the springs to rest, do you?".

    2. If your guide rod is not worn, there is no real point to replacing it with a new factory unit. BUT, I assume you are talking about BigTaco's custom stainless guide rods... There is a boatload of information that addresses this topic in his corner of our world. The metal guide rod will outlive the plastic, adds weight to the front of the pistol, and just plain looks cool. 8)

    3. Are you refering to the field strip tutorial, or the detailed slide disassembly? Most field strip their pistols after every range strip to do a quick clean and lube. Many will never completely disassemble their pistols for cleaning - it's just a matter of how anal you are about the cleanliness of your firearms. I generally do a total tear down every thousand rounds or so. YMMV...

    4. The frames are completely identical on the M9 and M40 - the only difference is in the slide and magazines.

    5. This isn't as uncommon as you would think - I've read MANY accounts of people shooting 9mm out of their .40's. If you have checked the barrel and all looks good, I wouldn't sweat it (don't do it again!). Some folks will make it through half a magazine or more before stopping to figure out why they are having to manually cycle the slide, etc. - it is very unlikely that you did any damage with 1 round.

    Welcome aboard!

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    Don't feel bad about getting the rounds mixed up. Happens all the time but most folks won't tell it. I was shooting my M357-A1 and M40-A1 at the same time and mistakenly put a 357 Sig round in the M40 chamber. It snapped instead of firing, thank God. I guess the .357 Sig round with its bottleneck allowed the shell to go just far enough into the .40 chamber that the firing pin hit a too-light strike. Anyway, it didn't fire and I ejected it and tossed it in my range bag to look at later and kept on shooting.

    I didn't discover what had happened until I was cleaning my pistols later. If that 357 Sig round with its high pressures had gone off inside the .40 chamber I don't think it would have been a pretty sight. Don't want to know what would have happened and I won't do that again because I decided I didn't care for the .40 caliber and swapped it for a 9mm. And I doubt I'll ever own another .40. If I didn't care for the M40-A1, any other .40 will be less.

    Welcome to the club and may you have many happy shooting days with your two MA1s. :mrgreen:
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    as said, throwing a 9 down a 40 barrel happens. the worst part is that the bullet tumbles when it leaves the barrel, meaning you're not sure where it goes.

    but the good news is that it won't go far...

    j, your 357 would no longer be a high pressure round in a 40 barrel, all the energy of the exploding gas would blow around the too small bullet. i wouldn't recommend you test the theory. but if you inadvertently test the theory, i think you'll live to tell the tale.

    love that llama!! get some big sticks yet? the only thing better than 13 .45's is 29 45's!!! the next time we meet up, let's get a video of you rapid firing a big stick!!! you buy the mags and i'll supply the ammo. i think we might need more than one take... you know, to get the light exactly right :wink: