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I just pick my M40-A1 this morning. I like it already. I will take it the range this saturday with my 12 yr old. My CCW is a USP 40, looks like it's going to be sideline for a long while....anyway, my questions is does the M40-A1 takes the same mags as the M40? I found a couple of holsters from blade tech( paddle & small of the back type).
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The new M-A1 takes the same mags as the "old" M series in either 9mm or .40.

Thank you, now I can bid on it in Ebay!!!
be careful on the holsters.
M series guns will fit MA1 holsters, MA1's will not fit M holsters.
Bladetech stated that the guns were interchangeable, I'm not sure they actually have the A series mold.

FIST says they have the A series so does K&D

Ken seems to be a really nice guy and is getting good reviews on various boards. His prices are pretty nice also.
Steyr Mannlicher OEM ten-round 40 S&W mags are available at Joe's Pawn Shop in Albertville, Alabama at the lowest prices I've seen -- lower still the greater the quantity. If you are interested, you can also place an order on line. Good luck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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