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M40 -- convert to M9, or replace with M9A1?

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Hi, folks. I've been a long-time owner of the Steyr M -- I have two M40s that I got right after they came out. But over the years I have moved away from the .40 and now in autos I shoot mainly 9mm and .45. I've sold off most of my .40s but it has occurred to me that since I really like the Steyrs perhaps I should just convert them to 9mms by buying new slides, barrels, and magazines. (Or maybe I could find someone who wants to convert 9mms to .40s and I could trade parts.) I see that the Steyr website offers conversion kits for the S models, but of course those won't work on the M series.

The conversion kits for the S are expensive, so I assume M conversion kits would be also, but used M series Steyrs are not popular in my area and so I'd get very little from selling those guns and replacing them with M9A1s. Although perhaps that's the easiest way to go.

Any suggestions?

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Hi from SC - another Steyr lover here, got 8 of'em. As you're probably aware, the M and M-A1 are different in two respects. The A1 models have a longer barrel and a rail which may make it harder to conceal. The A1 grip is slightly larger and more squared off than the M, too. You've already found out the conversion is mucho bucko. To me, it would be better to sell your 40 and buy a 9 outright. You might check Tier One Guns in Monroe, NC, they were stocking the new series Steyrs.
Thanks for the info, Keltyke. I did not know about Tier One Guns, and I did not know the MA1 models had a longer barrel. Guess that makes a conversion even more problematic. Probably I'll see if I can sell or trade my Ms once the Classified section here is back in action, and in the meantime I'll visit Tier One Guns and see what they have in stock.
You may not need new magazines. Some other pistols run fine with 9mm ammo in .40 magazines, as the two cartridges are nearly the same length and magazines are the same size. You will have to experiment to see. Also, maybe you could fashion a simple barrel bushing or sleeve to make a 9mm barrel fit a .40 slide? The recoil spring weight would be different, but the size would probably be the same, so you could probably just get a 9mm spring (unless the slide weights differ--me not know)..................elsullo
elsullo, a local guy who has the M9 and the M40 has told me the same thing about the magazines. Not sure about making a bushing for the slide, however. Probably I will just sell or trade the M40 and replace it with an M9 or M9-A1.

Now we need to get the classfieds working again....

Replacement sounds like the way to go. Though I'm partial to just buying a 9 and keeping the 40.
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