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Last night I went and met IDPA Steyr and mrs. Steyr.
I was invited to participate in the Conroe, Texas IDPA club weekly shoot.

This was the perfect opportunity to wring out some more rounds through My M40.

while not a lot of rounds total (about 75). My gun preformed flawlessly. I didn't even have the usual one per mag or so fly back and hit me between the eyes. During the evening there where several reloads on the move and my magazine hit the sand . I just shook it out, reloaded and shot it again without malfunction.

All drills where at least double taps, some triple's. I am seriously starting to have faith in my M40.

Another few hundred rounds and I'll be completely satisfied.

As soon as Steyr has a US facility up and running I'll pick up an M40A1. Once folks like Safariland start making Holsters I'll be in heaven .

If I can ever talk them into letting me take my ship the 8 hours up the Houston ship channel, I'll come join you for a shoot!

Glad to hear the M40 is working for you...I know the reliablity has been a concern. I really to through some more rounds with my M9...lately the Beretta has been getting the lion's share of the action.

So how was it watching IDPA Steyr shoot? Inspirational? :)

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