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    I just bought one, I had no choice.

    I have held the Springfield XD, (My favorite pistol until today), and loved it better than any of the 100+ pistols at the gun store, but none of them were going to make my give up my beloved LLama .380, I have been through hell with that gun. Don't get me wrong, just about all of the guns were a step up from the LLama, but they just couldn't get me over the sentimental issues, that and the LLama still performed faithfully.

    Then it happened, I walked in to the store and started to look around, out of the corner of my eye I spy a spunky looking little number, but I couldn't quite make out the name on the tag.... Super...no.....Slayer...no, that's not it....<squint>..STEYR??!! So I ask to see it. The minute it touched my hand, and I tried to aim through the new sights, I knew that I had found my new weapon. 20 min later, I'm taking my new baby home.

    Any one need a used LLama Micromax .380??? LOL

    Anyway, I am looking for reviews on the M40-A1, I can't find any good ones at the moment, does someone have a link. Actually, any review on any of the M-A1's

    Thanks in advance.
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    i'm obviously a little biased having already professed my love for steyr pistols several times over on this site. so it comes as little surprise that i have no idea what some magazine editor/gun reviewer guy has to say about the pistol. my mind is made up. therefore, i've never sought a review and don't know where one could be found but...

    growing up, my first semi-auo pistol experience was with a llama .22. i never had enough bottles, cans, paper plates for all the shooting i did with that thing. and my dad sold it... something about an 1187. i'm with you on the llama thing. that thing flat worked. maybe i ought to track down another one... hmmmm

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    Welcome to the club.
    I own both the old and new versions.
    One of the finest polymer pistols available.

    It fits the hand better than almost any other handgun.
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    Thanks guys,

    I'm really wanting to see an in depth review of the gun,... ballistics, (I know that has more to do with the calliber, but I like to see the stats from the actual gun.), the authors views on the weapon, performance in scenario shooting, reliability with various ammo, (especially hollow points.), accuracy and over all goods and bads from someone with a lot of experience in the field. Even ease of disassemby and maintenance.

    I'd like to see this weapon put through the 5th circle of hell, along with the Glock, Sig, S&W, Taurus, H&K, Springfield XD, etc...and a stand up comparison of them all. I have a feeling that the Steyr will come out on top.
  5. Welcome to the Steyr Brotherhood!

    Most shooters can't even say Steyr let alone know about its superior fire power advantages over other pistols. Steyr Mannlicher and now Steyr Arms is once again way ahead of their time and beating others to market with innovative designs.

    As for reviews on the Steyr Pistol I can point you to two great places to look:

    1. Our "Tutorials & Information" thread has an article section with a piece about a member who has shot more than 90,000 rounds through his Steyr and is still going strong.

    2. There is a great review on the M-series that I read before I purchased my M-40 back in the day. See http://www.sightm1911.com/lib/review/steyr40.htm. This review holds pretty true for the M-A1 in that other than the improved extractor plunger and exterior changes the M-A1 is internal wise the same.
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    Thanks alot, the review was great.

    Does anyone know if the sanctions imposed have been lifte yet. I think Steyr will slap the crap out of the other brands if they get a shot at a military contract.
  7. Yeah, they've been lifted...Steyr is good to go for LEO and Military sales. They're trying to go rope in some sales LEO sales for their AUG-A3, but we'll see if departments are ready to step into the future or if they want to stay with AR design for another couple decades.
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    Well one trip to the range, and I'm confirmed on the Steyr. It performed flawlessly. I had 3 missfires, but they were from bad ammo. I would have thought that CCI Blazer Brass ammo was better than that. I had groupings of 3 to 4 inches from 20 Yards, but some of that would have been tighter, except for the 30ish degree weather. It was so cold I had to give it up after only 150 rounds. I'll have to finish break-in some other time.

    Muzzle flip was slightly less than my brothers XD, I would really like to try the M9-A1.... Maybe that will be my next purchase.

    The mags are a little dificult to get that 12th round into, but not that bad.

    I tried one clip in rapid fire mode.... That was an embarassing 10 inch group, with one round actually in the center, probably the first.

    All in all, it was a great trip though, I really, really, really like the sights..... :D :D :D :D

    Dissassembly and cleaning went quickly..... I could see the M40 being an excelent carry gun for Law Enforcement.

    Most surprizing in my trip was my NAA Black Widow .17HMR. This little weapon has some punch.... The report was almost as loud as the Steyr, and muzzle flip was that of a .38, a tad heavy for this size pistol, but the oversize grip made it easy to manage.
    It shot 6" groups at 20 yards, consistantly. That is pretty accurate IMHO. The bullets tumbled much like a 22, sometimes they entered the targe sideways. I would not want to get hit by this round. I'm going to get some more types of ammo for the next trip.