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Well I went to the range today and was able to 100 rds of Federal 40S&W down range. I had no problems. None. Put the target out at 21' to start and then out to 50'. Grouping was excellent, I did discover that at farther distances I had to cover the already existing hole w/the front sight, and I shoot left handed better with the Steyr than i do with the Glock I have to carry at work. I do enjoy this gun though.
One thing I did notice though about the brass; they were all bulged at the bottom portion of the case. As your looking at the case from the back(primer side) there's the firing pin indent, above that the LCI indent, then if you look to the right at about 4 o'clock on the outside of the case there's a bulge. All the empties were like that. Is this normal?
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