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M40 A1 / M357 A1 to replace G19 as CCW

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Need Help, new to Styer.......Please give me your opinions on the new A1's.

Reliability, Accuracy & Durability!

I am thing of replacing my G19 with either a Styer or XD.

Thanks for your time.

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Well, what XD are you looking for their service model, tactical, xd sub compact? Furthermore, you realize that you are comparing a 9x19mm Glock 19 with two other pistol series that are chambered in not only 9x19mm, but also.357SIG and .40 SW so there will be some difficulty when it comes to certain comparisons.

Also are we talking about a G19 or a G19c? Knowing exactly which pistol you're interested in will help when it comes to compariing things like which is more concealable. As for accuracy that is a highly subjective thing, but there are some objective facts that favor the Steyr over the G19 and XD series. Durability is subjective as well, are we talking about rounds fired until failure or how long you're pistol will stand-up with proper maintenance?
The following are some good website to check out with one comparing the XD to the Glock and the other comparing the original M-series to the Glock. For the most part, the A1 is the same internal design as the M-series with the exception of an improved extractor and some exterior changes to the grip and addition of the rail. You can view a number of A1 pistols in our photo gallery and compare them to the exterior look of the M-series to take note of those changes.

Hope this helps. I could spend a couple of days trying to author up my own review comparing the XD-series, MA1, and G19.

XD REVIEW ... xddasa.htm

M-SERIES REVIEW (Most Holds True for the A1, but there are some
Styer or XD 40/357 Service for CCW


Thanks for the reply......I will check out the sites you provided.

Honestly I'd trade a Block for either; but nothing fits my hand like a Steyr (and tennifer steel is nice in FL).

Pick them up and caress them; if possible try to fire both.
Yup, FlaChef makes a good suggestion in that you can probably find a gunshop in your state with an indoor firing range and see how you like both. I have a range near where I am that lets you rent used pistols they have available for $25.00 to fire them within their indoor range. The gunshop near me also lets you put the rental fee toward the cost of the pistol should you decide to buy it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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