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  1. alex

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    Yesterday I took my new M40-A1 to the range for the first time. This is my very first plastic gun and I didn't know what to expect. I have been a 1911 and single action guys for past 30 years so what little I have learned might not apply to double action plastic gun.
    Handling impression:
    The M40-A1 fits my hand very well. I always like to purchase a high grip and the Steyr suits me perfectly. The triangle sights needed some getting used to. All my other guns sport plain board black sights i.e., target sights. I found that the point on the front triangle really allows excellent vertical alignment of the target. I do wish Steyr had made the white lines on the rear sights thicker. Trigger is easy to reach but VERY heavy more on that later. Magzines were very difficult to load despite I have "trained" the spring by loading to the max and removing the cartridge by hand and reloading and removing again for 50 times. I had two very sore thumbs.
    Shooting impression:
    The range I went to does not allow rapid fire so all my shots were deliberate slow target shooting style. That where I found out I almost couldn't shoot the gun. I slowly pressed the trigger to pick up the intial travel then press some more and nothing happened. I pressed some more and finally the gun went off. Even Steyr stated a 4mm travel but it felt like a mile. Again I was spoiled by the crisp 1911 triggers. The Steyr trigger felt more like 8 or 9 pound than the stated 5.5 pound. I think the trigger was made to be fire in one quick sweeping motion rather holding it slowly and press(more on that later). In fact after 150 rounds the pad on my trigger finger began to hurt so much that I could not continue to shoot with any acceptable accuracy. Steyr regulated the sights right on the money. It shoots to point of aim. However, shooters who used to six o'clock hold with a 5 inch bulleye at 25 yards might find the POI a little low. I was shooting 180gr. Cabelas' reloads and the muzzle flip was actually less than my S&W 5906 9mm with 115 grain. Muzzle recovery was fast. I was bad. While the range master wasn't looking I did managed to fire 5 rounds rapid fire and all 5 shots went into the same half inch cluster. As I mentioned earlier this gun is best for rapid trigger pull.
    So what do I think of the Steyr?
    I liked it. The few shortcomings can be overcome. A magazine loader will take care of the stiff mazagine spring. The sight picture can be learned in no time. Some finger exercise to build strength on the trigger finger can overcome the heavy trigger. Most my other guns are target pieces and they are like ladies you have to be gentle and kind of them. I consider the Steyr a man's gun I can toss it in my range box with other junks in it. I don't have to worry about scratching it and it is as safe as an unloaded gun unless you deliberately pull that heavy trigger.
    There you have it.
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    You may need to just work the trigger, try cleaning and lubing.

    My Trigger on my M40-A1 is crisp, very crisp, and feels to be about 5 lbs, maybe 6.

  3. alex

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    I did the cleaning and lube per the instruction I found on this web before taking it to the range. I did a lot of work on my other guns to lighten the trigger pull. The steyr trigger and firing mechanism are quite different. If I can readily get replacement parts such as springs I might try lightening the trigger pull by reducing the pressure on the firing pin spring. It seems to me that the trigger pull has to compress the firing pin spring. If I can reduce the firing pin spring somewhat but not to cause non-igition then the trigger pull weight should be reduced also, right?
    So does anyone know where to get replacement parts for Steyr pistol?
  4. bigtaco

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    steyr won't sell internal replacement parts to customers. only to gunsmiths.

    years ago, someone pm'd me about using a 4-10 english spring. made by wolff springs? i never tried it out.

    it takes x amount of energy to reliably ignite primers.

    i trust steyr to know how stiff to make that spring.

    the way to change pull weight without affecting spring tension is through leverage.
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    Can anything be polished, buffed or ground down to help? Just curious because the trigger I felt in the case at the gun shop felt alot softer than the one I actually have....it was almost walther p99 soft
  6. alex

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    Just curious because the trigger I felt in the case at the gun shop felt alot softer than the one I actually have....it was almost walther p99 soft[/quote]

    That exactly coinsided my experience.
    I came to realize that the gun shop experience was not real. In the gun shop you had to worry about not pointing the muzzle at anyone. You were in a kind of hurry to pull off the trigger. The gun shop owner didn't want you to dry fire their guns too many times. You might not be able to hold up the gun the same way you are shooting at a target. The result was you just simply pulled the trigger and felt how it felt. One quick sweeping motion would fire the trigger and you thought that was not bad. Then when you were at the range slowly taking aim and concentrating on the trigger pull and all of a sudden that seemingly light trigger felt like a ton heavier.
    I am still thinking about what other ways besides clean and lube to reduce the trigger pull. But changing or modifying the firing pin spring definitely comes to my mind.
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    The trigger on my new M9A1 is smooth, but very heavy. Much heavier than any of my 3 previous "M" series pistols. It is getting better with dry firing, and I think a trip to the range this weekend--and about 300rds--will help the cause. I did a thorough cleaning that included removing the trigger assembly from the frame and detail stripping the slide. I didn't notice any scratches on the firing pin spring guide rod, but I polished it anyway. The weight does appear to be a little loose, so I may try the "plier tweak" on that. I normally don't mind a heavy trigger, but this one upsets sight alignment slightly when dry firing.

    more later...