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M40-A1 change lock to handcuff key possible?

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Does Steyr have an internal lock that can be changed to use a standard handcuff key instead of the goofy 2 key prong that can be opened with 2 straight objects?

If so how can I order this and what would this cost me?

How hard would it be for me to change this part? I haven't seen any good take down books like the Ultimate Glock Refrence Guide
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in the tutorials section there is a detailed description of simple feild strip, removing the trigger group, disassmebly of the slide and dissassembly of the trigger group.

replacing the key lock is a snap.

not aware of anyone making a handcuff key lock.
The stock key that comes with it will work fine, but I remember reading that the original M series had a different lock you could get for it somewhere.

If they don't offer one no biggie I was just hopeing for one :)

I'm getting pretty anxious as I know it was shipped to my FFL but have no idea where it's at.

I converted my S40 to a L.E.O. lockout.. i.e. handcuff key..
i ordered it from Steyr USA. who is no longer a parts distributor for Steyr. The part IS available. its just a lil spring and a new plastic lock to replace the two prong one. Pretty simple install. lemme see if i can find an ACTUAL part number on my reciept for you. Since it should be in my Case for the gun with the manual. "I like to save all reciepts when it comes to guns and accesories" ill check here in a few..
right where i left it all.. :)

PN: 194-37-0054
listed as "Set Press Button LE"

art no: 1 39000206051

i paid 7.85 for the part and 5.00 shipping..

as i said i ordered it from steyr usa/airgun express.

also thier Contact # is 1800-896-4867 however as also stated previously, they no longer carry steyr parts or product. But maybe they can give you insight as to how to attain one.. GOOD LUCK!
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thanks ripped!

I'll give them a call tomorrow maybe
NP anytime... also try contacting the NEW steyr parts distributor that is listed here..... ... opic&t=934

looks as if im reading correctly you can order your part through HERE..

STEYR ARMS distributor information

DAVIDSON’S, Inc., 6100 Wilkinson Dr., Prescott, AZ 86301
Phone: 800-367-4867
Fax: 928-776-0344

since they can actually purchase the part directly from Steyrarms.INC

Also looking foward to contacting SteyrArms myself since I am incorperated and may wish to become a distributor myself.. :) WINK.. will let you all know what happens..
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is the new parts place up and running yet?
it is, just that it is a NON public warehouse basically.. they only sell to "VENDORS" persay.. from what i have gathered thusfar.
I wonder if they would ship one of them to a FFL where I had my steyr ordered to?
not sure.. that a question for them.. also found one of thier distributors in Winter Park Florida...

RSR GROUP, INC., 4405 Metric Dr., Winter Park, FL 32792
Phone: 800-541-4867
Fax: 407-677-4489

I will be formally contacting RSR Group in Winter Park on behalf of All of us here at SteyrClub. Hopefully we can get a Verified Parts Vendor onboard after all is said and done.
RSR will not order parts, they are a wholesale distributor. Unless you have an FFL on file with them they won't talk to you.

Davidsons is also a wholesale distributor, they have a web site section (gallery of guns) that is geared to the consumer. I doubt you will have any luck there.

Under the industry section there is a contact for Styer USA in Georgia. They are the ones who import all firearms and parts. If the part is available it will be through them.
A shot into a smoke filled room is better than no shot at all.. :) we shall see what transpires.
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