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    I've had my M357A1 now for about 2 weeks...had taken it to the range twice already, put 200 rounds thru it. I picked up the ammo-reluctantly-from the shop I had purchased the weapon from (CCI/Speer) @ $19.99 a box!! The few boxes of .357 Sig that shows up at Wal-Mart are gone by the time I'm there. Anyway, although the weapon functioned flawlessly, I'd like to know who here has experience with FMJ/target ammo in the Steyr .357...what's the best factory load for the money? I mean, I never had any problems with off-the-shelf Winchester target loads in any of my weapons in the past. That always seems to be the safest bet to go, but without a flood of .357 Sig available, I don't want to do the "pricey" thing and experiment with most of the major brands. It kills me to see $9.00 50 count boxes at Wal-Mart or Sports Authority go for $17-$19.00 for the same box at a gun store. I do know that when Wal-Mart has the .357 in stock, the 50 count Winchester FMJ's go for$11.00-a big difference from the gun shops. I was fully aware that .357 Sig was not a cheap load long before I had decided on my purchase. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Unfortunately for me all that I can get ahold of is SPeer Lawman @ $14.99 /50 . Tried S&B but like alot of people had some ignition issues . The best solution I've found is just bite the bullet and purchase it online . I suggest CDNN or AMMOMAN .

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    Where you located? I might be able to help if your local.
    Otherwise hit Wally World everyday
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    Thanks guys...I'll look into all of the above.