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M357A-1 Ejection/Extraction issues NOT good!

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Attended a pistol class 4-6-13. The class was given by 914 Consulting at C2Shootng and it was a Vickers Shooting Method class.

The class was great, the Steyr not so much. It started off fine, you know the drill. You are the only guy that shows up with "the other Austrian Pistol". Had a custom holster and two mag pouches made for my M357A-1 (awesome by the way, Spectra Koncealment Systems just the right amount of tension) I was ready to rock, but the Steyr wasn't. I Had several FTE's (failure to eject/extract) so many in fact that the instructor loaned me his Glock to finish out the class.

Now before you guys go off on a rant ...the FTE's were intermittent at first(even though they shouldn't happen at all). The instructor was patient in trying to assist me, it just sucked that he was a Glock guy. The instructor told me to lube up my gun so I did, it ran fine for about two mags and then damn near every other shot was an FTE. So like I said before he let me use his gun AND his ammo to finish out the class.

Here is my dilemma, after reviewing my paper work, I originally purchased the gun through Davidson's with their lifetime gun guarantee, so do I contact Davidson's or Steyr.

I was going to call Jack tomorrow at Steyr to see what he recommends.

What do you guys think?

How long do you think they will keep it?

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Hiya sam* :)

Sorry ta hear bout your crap run with an M357-A1.

1st'ly, what did ya pay for it? If you were in on that $585 run at Davidson's, ya can getta new model M357-A1 for around that same price now, maybe even with the shipping, and it has the new trigger group an' extractor. If ya paid less than that at Davidson's, get your $ back or can't ya exchange it for somethin' of equal value. I can't seem to remember right now. Anyway, that's the Davidson's angle of what to do with it. Somma your other SC Bros may have some ideas dealing with Davidson's.

As far as checkin' with Jack Riddle, he no longer works for SAI, but you can email Jeff Reece at [email protected] , or give him a call at (205) 655-8299. Hava lit'l chat with 'im an' maybe he'll have a better salution, mayb even a fix. :thumbsup:

Personally, I'd do what I gotta ta get the latest M357-A1 outta this chaos. There maybe a few new model M357-A1's available in the next 6 weeks. Cross all your digits an' heart an' hope ta die! :thumbsup:

BTW, what kinda ammo were ya feedin' 'er?! Plz advise to see if others shootin' this particular ammo/ammos have had the same problems with FTE's. I'll bet its nothin' I've ever tried to feed my M357-A1 cause I've personally never had any problems except with some hot reloads of mine usin' Bullseye...yeah, a flattened primer an' the brass over-expanded still in the chamber.

BTW, how'd ya like the Glock? A lotta Steyrclubbers have 'em in their arsenal and wouldn't get rid of 'em. My personal Glock fav is the G36...a very sweet lit'l handful o' whoop ass 45 ACP. :thumbsup:

Oh, an' if ya can recreate the FTE, post a pic for The Club. :thumbsup:

Anyway, g'luck an' plz keep us in the loop, Bro.

Take care. :)

Wulf <-- thinkin', "what kinda ammo would create sucha mess or has that poor M357-A1 ever been properly stripped, soaked, cleaned an' lubed before?! or maybe the extractor ain't extractin'? Whatabout the mag springs? ... soooo many questions...." :popcorn:
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So I'm guessing you've owned the Steyr for quite a while, or it is a weapon produced in the the early 2000s? In any case, you have fallen victim to the extractor bug.

One quick fix is to remove the extractor, extractor plunger, and extractor plunger spring. If the plunger has a domed top, then get a 1911 safety/slidestop spring, cut about 3/16" off of it, and insert it into the original spring. While you are putting it back in the slide (there's a tutorial here on the site), use a gallon ziploc bag to keep parts from getting lost when they make a break for it. Think positive thoughts and you'll have it fixed in no time.

If the plunger is beveled, not dome shaped, call SteyrArms at (205) 655-8299, ask for Jeff, explain the problem, and they'll fix you up promptly. After that, it's the same drill. SteyrArms is a great bunch to do business with, and for the most part, simple replacements are no cost.
Wolf, Thank for your response...I did I buy it in 06, so I probably paid less than $585 for it. I was using Speer 110 gr frangible practice ammo (250 rnds for $55 along time ago). It has run it before no problems. The Glock was nice but to big Glock 22 with a 9mm barrel.
ETH77, thank for your prompt response thats what I wanted to here. I will call Steyr this week.
ok, guys the question I need to ask...If things don't work out with Davidsons or Steyr AND If I decide to get rid of it, how much is it worth?

It has less than 750 rounds fired, 2 10 round mags and 4 12 round mags, just looking for a round figure so I don't get taken advantage of if I sell it or trade it in. Not saying I am going to just saying I need to know.
I'm a Steyr newbie so I'm not sure what my opinion is worth, but if I liked the gun and had that many mags...I would just get it fixed and roll with it. I don't really see the need to get rid of the gun if all you need to do is change out an extractor or simply do the spring upgrade.

My M9-A1 is a 3051XXX serial number, which I believe is the newer version with the upgraded extractor, and it runs like a scalded ape. Ejection/extraction is without fail at a consistent 3:30-4:00 pattern.

Good luck with your gun!
JT353, thanks for the input.
The modification suggested by ETH77 works great in my M9.

I have done it on mine, one with domed shaped extractor, so far it is flawless.

You may try doing that first and see if it works before you return/refund it.
I could be persuaded to buy it from you. PM me if you are interested in selling it, rather than fixing it.
Yes Wulf, I have six Glocks, and they would be the "last brand standing" in my pistol collection. They claim "Perfection" - and although they may not be that, they are closest to perfection in every regard over any other brand.

Would really like the Steyrs' to establish a firm foothold in the worldwide pistol community, but they have some issues (QC, marketing, parts & accessories) to iron out before they can cut any path into the Glock, XD, M&P, and SIG markets.

And the G36 is one of my favorite CCW pistolas! The other being the G39.

Hiya sam* :)

Uhhh, I missed the "110 gr frangible practice ammo" bit, and that hit me kinda wierd.

A few months ago, I contacted our Friend Across The Pond at Steyr HQ about "what ammo was the Steyr M9-A1 optimized for" and the answer was "124 gr NATO", which is actually a 124 gr 9MM +P FMJ.

That makes me think, "Hmmm...I wonder how dry-lube on the rails would react with such a light practice round?" A heavier viscus lubricant may have adverse reactions for the slide timing and the dry lube could perhaps help, in this application. <shrug>

Just sayin'.... <shrug>

Anyway, plz keep us in the loop.

Wulf <-- :popcorn:

... I was using Speer 110 gr frangible practice ammo (250 rnds for $55 along time ago). It has run it before no problems....
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ETH77, I will PM you if I have any issues...which means I may sell it.

Do you guys carry after you do the fix. How do feel about it, in the back of my mind I don't know if I will trust it...I am just being honest here guys.
Hiya sam* :)

Hey, if ya don't trust it, get rid of it! No questions asked. :thumbsup:

Who the Hell is gonna depend on somethin' they can't trust?!

Take care, Bro. :)

Wulf <-- once hadda Spingfield 1911 Champ he gladly got rid of cause it was a jammomatic!
Hey, Guys...

I talked to Jeff Yesterday he said he is going to send me an extractor assembly...extractor, spring and plunger. I will let you know how it works out.
I have the m-a1 in .40 and the extractor fix changed my unreliable gun into a flawless tight running machine. I had more than 20 failres to one thing or another in the gun switched the extractor and ran better ammo and havent had one issue in more than 800 rds. I would carry it every day if that was allowed in my shitty state of NJ.....If you want to sell I would also be interested I guess I will have to be number 2 on the list as eth beat me to it.....
Hey guys I received my extractor assembly today. It included a beveled plunger, spring and a new extractor. I have replaced, it I just need to test fire it now have to make a range trip. I did notice that the new extractor is not exactly flush with the slide, any opinions on this?
im pretty confused about the plunger. i got the new extractor and seems to have fixed my issues. they didnt have the plunger when i called. do i need it?
The new extractor has an extra extension, it's normal.
im pretty confused about the plunger. i got the new extractor and seems to have fixed my issues. they didnt have the plunger when i called. do i need it?

If it fixed your issue and it doesn't return, then I wouldn't worry about it.
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