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    Round count up to 300. Not very impressive I know but I
    bought it used and have not cleaned it before shooting.
    2 range trips so far and no hiccups.
    200 rounds Ultramax 125gr reloads @ 1250fps.
    100 rounds Hornady 124jhp @ 1350fps.
    Found an old Don Hume IWB (made f/sig 229 ?)in the box f/last Steyr.
    May just have a new dcg here.
    Felt a real difference in recoil w/just 100fps increase,not unmanagable but noticable.
    Begs the question... claims that a small difference such as this are really insignificant to the target (insert caliber wars here).
    I beg to differ if that difference can be readily felt in the hand.
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    Hiya DK* :)

    Hehehehe...shit-stirrer! :twisted:

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    So far, I've shot a fairly wide selection of factory loads in my M357-A1, more WWB FMJs than anything else, but also Speer Lawman TMJs (best groups of any round) and HPs from Speer, Hornady, Federal, CorBon and Winchester -- and maybe some others I don't recall at the moment. If I see 357 Sig ammo in a shop, I pick up a box to try out.

    And I have to say I have detected little difference in recoil among any of these loads, including the hottest ones. It does seem to me that felt recoil seems to go up as grain weight of the round goes down, which sounds sort of counter-intuitive. But as weight goes down, velocity goes up, so I guess that makes sense. Just my observation. I could be wrong and often am. The smaller projectiles seem a bit snappier while heavier seems a slower "push."

    Best groups I got for HPs was Speer Gold Dots, which is what she's stuffed with right now in my sock drawer.

    I cannot speak for what Wulf is stuffing in his loads, but I strongly suspect it puts factory loads to a sad shame! :twisted: