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After some 6 months the extended barrel arrived from the factory via Steyr USA today.

Nice work and threading 130mm length if I recall. Soon it will be mated with a TROS can and a range report will be forthcoming.
I will advise if Steyr will be stocking these in the next day or so and if not what steps anyone who wants one will need to take.

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All- Anyone who is interested in obtaining on please contact
Jack Riddle

[email protected]

He was my contact as has stated he will order them for those interested.Mention you are part of the Steyr club for special pricing .
USA does not keep these in stock yet but he will order one for you with advance payment as he did for me. He was not aware it was even available in the system until I got one of my EU contacts to verify its existence.

Just heard back from Jack with the new price.

$241.33 plus shipping.

This is about what Jarvis and BARSTO charged me to do a new extended and threaded barrel for both SIG pieces.

Syntax- You are correct on the $154.price in April when I first mentioned it to the group..............6 mos later it has gone up $100.

The dollar to Euro is about the same............go figure.

I will have the M1A in 9mm shortly as I presently own the .40cal and liked it so much I had to have one in 9mm and hence ordered the extended barrel for my TROS can. Once I get it up and complete I will do some jpegs and mpegs and a full range report in comparison to my other 9mm weapons with cans.


Guys- Here is a shot of the TROS can installed. Please be advised that the platform is the .40 cal . That being said I did not lock in down into battery for fear of the lug locking and having a problem child.

This is 99% of what the pistol in 9mm looks like.

Any questions please advise.

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Thread protectors are easy to come by.........that alot of money t ospend on a barrel in my opinion for just looks.........go for a suppressor.

That extra money spent will half way buy a second gun............

1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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