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    I just bought an M40 and plan on getting an M9.What are some problems to look out for?The 40 is in the #007xxx range.The 9 is #015xxx range
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    first since your M40 is in the sub 10k serial range check to see if it has the upgraded trigger.
    The M's originaly had an 8kb trigger and when they switched to a 5lb trigger they offered free upgrades.
    The pin that runs through the trigger sideways (acts as a hinge for the inner triiger) should be about halfway up the trigger, if it is only 1/3 of the way up from the bottom you have an old style trigger.

    Some M9's have extraction issues, though most don't. I would HIGHLY suggest a thorough cleaning following the links and tutorials here, including removing the extractor.

    Hope you enjoy your new pieces, and SHOOT SAFE.

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    not to be the smarty pants, but that pin has no relation to the trigger safety. the trigger safety slides horizontally within the trigger.

    that roll pin is the place where the trigger bar connects to the trigger. and moving it (thus changing leverage on the trigger bar) was one of the ways steyr lightened the trigger, the other way was removing a preload spacer from the firing pin spring.
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    see this is why BT is the TRIGGER MEISTER :)

    didn't really make since that it was a hinge point because it doesn;t match the motion; just didn't know what else it coud be :oops:
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    just like Flagchief said... most dont have any issues...

    I love my M9! Just works peeerrfectly!

    My best buy at $700! So if you got yours at $300 or so... it is just better!

    Go ahead and grab one... I like the M series better than the A1s, IMHO, with its old design... I dont need accessories anyway.
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    Thanks for the tips.I guess I'm off to get an M9!