M series owners sound off.

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Mar 23, 2005.

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    I have had my M9 for a couple of months now. It is a fantastic gun. I have carried it daily for about a month now in my HBE holster :)

    Looking to pick up an M40 sometime this summer :D
  2. madecov

    madecov Active Member

    Have my M40 and 2 ten round mags, also 5 12 round mags.
    Have not shot it yet maybe I will next week. I hope to make it my duty gun

  3. WorldPax

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    I've had mine since yesterday, M9, already love it and I haven't even shot it yet. I hope Steyr answers my prayers and puts out a long-slide version.
  4. Deluxe247

    Deluxe247 Supporting Member

    Had my M9 for over a month now. Excellent handgun if I may say so.
  5. RangerM9

    RangerM9 New Member

    15 months and still happy

    Bought myself a birthday gift last year (about 15 months ago now) in the shape of an M9 from Gander Mountain...talked them down to $320 since it only had one mag..., been very happy with it, not shot it nearly as much as i would like to, but that is going to change.....been stocking up on ammo, now have 6 10-rd mags and 4 14-rd mags....a thigh holster that can accomodate a tac light, i have the adapter rail, and a handall....all in all....spent more time finding stuff for the gun than shooting it.... 8O ...have to rectify that.....

    oh...just gifted myself again today...picked up a nice (id' say G/VG condition) but very cosmoline coated Yugo SKS 59/66 for $120. gonna have to wait a few weeks to get her all cleaned up....too much else going on, but i couldn't pass up the price.
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    Never fear! I is here! Site looks great! When can I gain mod status?? :twisted:

    oh and ... had my M9 for 2 months now.
  7. Guest

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    Can't wait for the holster!

    Fired a few rounds at the range yesterday and can't wait to get the holster I ordered on the USA Steyr site.
    Got the 14 round mags on the way from CDNN, Hogue universal grip applied and fits great. Almost zero recoil/flip.
    All the guys with Glocks have looked at it and stand there and wonder at the engineering, the sights and fit of the parts. I suspect a few will buy one.
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    Let us know how this holster works out for you.
  9. Zundfolge

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    I've had my M40 since early 2000 ... been a very reliable piece and for a while I CCW'd with it (now I have an S40 for that)
  10. ShelbyV8

    ShelbyV8 New Member

    I have a M40 that I have had for a couple of years. Three 10 rnd mags, 357 sig barrel, and three 10 rnd 357 sig mags. Shoots flawless in both calibers.
  11. nordic77

    nordic77 Premium Member

    I got my m40 about one year ago. I bought a Kytac holster and some extra mags and shot a couple of USPSA matches in the Production Class. So far, the pistol has been great and the matches were a blast. :D
  12. Guest

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    Just picked up my M9 on Monday. Haven't fired it yet, but I'm looking forward to getting to the range soon.
  13. FlaChef

    FlaChef Guest

    July '04, bought my first gun. M40.

    Love it. Have shot 2 idpa matches w/ it, using cheap mil-tech generic nylon holster while I await my blade-tech paddle.

    After a 66 hour shift (52 hours of that at double-time) during hurricane Frances I bought a S9 hoping my wife would shoot it w/ me and if i ever do conceal it would be better. CCW permit application went out yesterday.
    Also S's were already showing signs of getting scarce, and 9 is so much cheaper.

    I usually trade around guns at the range w/ whoever is around. Everyones loved it and have told them all about CDNN. One guy i ran into recently again and he now has M9 and S9. He also said after shooting mine he read up on packing.org and heard good things about them there.

    Seriously believe a M9A1 is in my future, but not untill at least the end of the year.
  14. DarkKnight

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    great site . I am here now also..
  15. BlackMetal

    BlackMetal Guest

    Had my M9 for about 2months. Just received my hi-cap mag yesterday from cdnn. Funny thing, my wife was looking through the cdnn catalog and said "I want that one!". She was looking at the picture of a M9. Little does she know we already have one :wink: I have been keeping it in the car. Ill let her in on the secret after i get the lawnmower I am supposed to buy. :lol:
  16. hihoslva

    hihoslva Guest

    M9 and loving it.

    Considering an S9, too.

    I was recently thinking about a .45, maybe a 1911. Went to the range, blew off 200 rounds or so with the M9, and decided "nine is fine" by me. I will CCW with the M9, and feel 100% confident with it. 147grn HydraShocks in my soon-to-be-purchased hi-cap mags oughtta be just fine, along with all the practice I can get.
  17. Fredhead

    Fredhead New Member

    I bought an M9 from CDNN in Sept '04 without
    seeing or handling one. A month of internet searching
    made it very clear that the Steyr was by far the best deal
    on a NIB pistol. 2500 rds later I couldn't be happier.
  18. manonsteyr1

    manonsteyr1 Guest

    I bought my M40 brand new last May from a local pawn shop. It was my

    first gun. I'm still in love with it to this day It has about 3500 rounds

    through it. No problems at all. From the serial# it is probally one of te first

    made SN#001020! Great Gun! :D :D
  19. hihoslva

    hihoslva Guest

    Just to update, I'm no longer "considering" the S9, I'm now "considering" how many mags to buy for it from CDNN.

    Bought my S9 yesterday. Can't wait to got out and shoot it.