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M/S magazine cleaning

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Ok after about 4,000 rounds through my m40 w/ six mags i'm starting to get double feeds.

Ditto on S9 w/ 2 mags and about 1500 rounds.

say about 1 in 200 rounds on both pistols have a jam and all but one of them has been unable to be cleared w/ a QUICK tap, rack, ready.

I'm gonna mark my mags (meant to before just didn't get to it) as I know a number of bad mags have cropped up leading to some of the (mostly false) reputation for unreliablity. I actually suspect two mags in particular, but I need to clean and mark them before I test further.

I've cleaned the extractors (including one spring disappeared into the corner of the office, and had to buy a whole new assembly).

As I've never cleaned the mags, how often should this be done and what is the procedure? I know there've been directions on the old GT forum and i could probably do it by looking at them, but a repeat would be nice for all the new blood (and I'm too lazy to search as bed is calling me).
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How often are you cleaning the magazines roughly? How many rounds before you clean?
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