M-A1 reviewed in "Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement&

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  1. The review is included in the November 2006 issue. They chose the .40 cal model to review. Aside from a couple of small complaints (size of the magazine release button, middle finger notch on the grip), the reviewer rated it as an excellent choice. I'll see if I can find a scan to post.
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    Have u found the write-up yet ?

  3. I'm working on finding a host for the PDF. PM me with your email if you want me to send it to you.
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    I picked it up today and read it....I thought it was rather poor. The writer didn't mention any of the innovations of the design and was sketchy. He talked too much about his preferences instead of the whole design. The thing that shocked me that most of us love is the grip angle and the comfort of recoil. He didn't get it..............i hope Ayoob has a better style for writing reviews.........
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    TriumphSpeedFour sent me the PDF and I'm now hosting it on the web.
    Click Here
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    Re: M-A1 reviewed in "Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcem

    Thanks to TSF, I read the article today. It was a flat article that seemed to miss the strengths of the Steyr design and focus on the less desireable aspects. The author also rambled a bit off target.

    It wasn't a bad review but it was a poorly executed review. Thank you TSF for your assistance.
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    It seemed to be a positive review of the M40A1 to me...

    With the exception of the small magazine release common in both the original M40 and M4A1, the rest of the less than positive comments were referring to the original M40.

    The focus of the article was the improvements of the M40A1 over the original M-series.

    Of course, if people were expecting to read "the Steyr is light years ahead of the Glock" -- it wasn't there... :wink:
  8. I too thought the review was poorly written and/or structured. I was just glad to see that a magazine took the time to test it. I'd been looking around for a few months now at the various rags and hadn't seen any tests. I bought the mag without even reading it when I saw our baby listed on the cover.
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    No great shakes as an article. Wish they had shown a pic of the gun with the holster.
  10. I'm pretty sure that I have the same DeSantis holster that the article mentions (OWB, thumb-break). I've been meaning to post some pics of it in the holster section. I'll cross link once I do.