M-A1 Reliability Issues

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    I am amid a relatively comprehensive research campaign in order to make the most informed and sensible purchase of my first automatic. One of the options I am considering is obviously a Steyr. The most important feature that I am considering is reliability.

    Having said that, it seems that after compiling some of my data the M-A1, it seems to have a few idiosyncrasies namely intermittent errant brass ejection, a few FTE and more troubling still FTF. Most people have stated that with some minor modifications and adjustments these issues have been resolved.

    My question is how prevalent are these issues? Are these attributed to inconsistent manufacturing procedures? I do not want a firearm that has its own “personality” that I have to adapt to. I want unquestioned reliability. Other options I am considering are a Glock 21 and the Sig Pro model SP2022. Any thought or input would be appreciated...Mritt4
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    unquestioned reliability is a fallacy. anything mechanical can and will fail either instantly,sporatically,systematically or eventually. those seeking bliss in ignorance of a malfunction will get a hard cold potentially lethal dose of reality when there machine fails and they dont know why or how to fix or are incapable of fixing.

    if you want unquestioned reliability its easier to obtain with tools that have very few parts in fact best to have no moving parts. like a knife and sword.

    steyr service is doing there job well. outside of parts availibility dont see many complaints.

    steyrs are built tight. when new they need working in. all guns have springs and need working in to some degree.

    issues with steyrs are exagorated on the net,lack details and continuously rehashed. unlike glock owners steyr owners are not well organized nor pushing the koolaid of perfection anywhere near as glock.

    Steyr design is now some 8 years old relatively young.

    while owning 4 and having initial issues they all worked out and developed into fine pistols.

    all the issues I have seen have had nothing but lacking data to draw many conclusions. have enough data an anything can be done.

    Glock 21 is ok design wise reliability seems to be very good to excellent. simple design.

    Sig 2022. almost went into the Sig Pro line found the Ruger like bulk to be just to much built like a tank like rugers but better quality than rugers. top heavy. inexpensive mags to be found. reliable,accurate and nicer metal parts than glock in the frame. front and rear rails that are replaceable.

    steyr is somewhat unique design its a piece of functional art to some. no other gun manufacture has quite done what steyr has.


    look at any other polymer or metal frame gun and see if you can find whats different.

    everybody has inconsistent manufacturing some will have a fairly large batch of it. Steyr has not had a bad batch of inconsistent manufacturing that I have heard of as bad as other companies worst was probably the first few thousand M40's which got a trigger and extractor upgrade in addition lower slide ejection port.

    FTF? fire or feed. fire is super rare and feed issues are rare outside of broken in gun and magazine. biggest issue seems to be with M9 and M9A1's having FTX and brass to the head in new pistols with less than 1,000 rounds. rare occasional Failure to battery may occur outside break in.

    if not a Steyr would Recommend a Walther,S&W99 or M&P.
    S&W99 availible in 45acp and M&P45 coming out soon. FN FNP also coming out in 45acp. Sig Pro is good M&P,FNP and Sig Pro slight improvements over glock design though believe FNP has non replaceable rear frame rails as does XD. 1911 is hard to beat in 45acp. lots of good designs out inexpensive dont always think price means quality can just mean someone is raking a profit.

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    If you want more reliability in feeding you might consider a 357sig bottle neck cartridge. More expensive to shoot but more reliable feeding..... I like the Glock 21 and own mostly Glocks....But I would consider the G30 first due to its size and CCW considerations. i think it is the best Glock has developed.....(along with the G29 10mm). I also think the Smith M&P would be a great choice........Having copied many of Steyr's design, as well as a few others, it is a pistol on the rise..............I'm not a big Sig fan......
    ........overpriced, overated...........and bad left handed gun..... :lol: And of course I own three three Steyr's and have vey few issues. I really think a lot of what you hear is poor mantainence, lack of "study" of the pistol...Most people (Glocks) take their gun out shoot them and put them in the drawer till next time....I would say most of the people here who really know their Steyr's and maintain them have few problems. If you want a gun and don't want to mess with it much, stick with a Glock or M&P.........just make sure you do a basic cleaning on it......... 8)

    HIBACHI Guest

    While it is not on your list of possibles, you might want to look at some of the S&W's. Have owned a 6906 that was purchased used. This gun digested ALL ammo and never hiccupped. Went over 900rds without cleaning- just a drop of oil on the rails from time to time. However, it felt like a 2x4 in your hand and required lots of concentration to shoot accurately. My M9 is very forgiving of grip and trigger finger placement, it HELPS me shoot better. IMHO its worth a little fussing around. If reliability is absolutely paramount then get a revolver, 7000 rds thru my J frame .38- never a problem, but have heard of timing issues on some of them...

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    I have had all my Glocks (17L, 21, 19, 26) malf at some time and sold the 21 because of reliability issues (although the fix probably would have been minor had I persued it).
    With 1,200 rounds thru it, my CCW Steyr M9 is the only gun I have had that hasn't malfed yet (but I'm sure it will in the future). Others have had FTX and brass issues. I think among the major makers it is more the luck of the draw on the individual gun, rather than the maker that determines the problems or lack thereof.
    Pick the gun the you can shoot best and fits your needs.
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    actually for near 100% reliability get a revolver.

    I trust my Sterys enough thatthey are my carry weapons.
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    out of 400 rounds of factory ammo I shot thu my M9-A1 I only has 1 FTE... I've also shot about 800 more reloads and have not been able to get a load that was 100% I think it's possible though....

    I like my Steyr, but if I had to bet on a most reliabe automatic, I'd put my money on a Beretta 92FS, mine has been 100% reliable with thousands of factory ammo and reloads.
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    I had a FTE in my new M9 A1 more then I could count.Sent it in to Steyr in Georgia and got it back real quick.Guess what? The problem of FTE was eliminated completely.This is one fine gun and you will not be sorry if you buy one.Good Luck.
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    When I first took my M9 to the range I was shooting a box of CHEAP ammo the firearms dealer gave me with the weapon. It ejected brass into my forhead, and had a handful of FTE's. I went to the local gunshop the next week and picked up a few hundred rounds of better ammunition. After putting the couple hundred rounds of better ammo through the gun it stopped ejecting brass anywhere annoying and I haven't had a FTE since. The only other issue I had right out of the box was an inconsistent, crunchy trigger pull. This also worked itself out with a little bit of use. In my opinion, this sort of thing doesn't constitute a problem in reliability or function. You'll have to shoot a few hundred rounds through a pistol before you can feel really comfortable with a new gun, and by that time your Steyr should be preforming great. Now if I can only find an S-9 and the money to buy it...