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    I'm interested in getting an M9-A1. I just have a few questions.
    What is the action carrier (which includes the frame rails) made of? I know it's steel, but is it cast, MIM or something else? Has this proven to be durable? Are there any reports of this piece cracking? The reason I ask is that the S&W M&P uses a MIM locking block/front rail unit and I've seen at least one of them crack after extended use.
    Also, are the guns being sold at CDNN fairly current models? What are the manufacture dates on the guns that they're selling now?
    Finally, Are there any M pistols out there with really high round counts through them? I'm interested to see how they are holding up over the long haul.
    I tried searching but couldn't really find the answers to these questions.
  2. jeramiah

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    I'm not sure what the rail assembly is made of, but after 3500 rd.s it shows no signs of cracking . It shows very little wear on the rails themselves. I keep it clean and well oiled, even the barrel shows very little wear. I've had no pronblem with this gun except a few fte's. As to your other questions hopefully somebody will chime in. But imho the M9-A1 is well worth the money.

  3. bigtaco

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    great question... ummm... i guess no one else knows if they're cast or MIM either. i've always refered to it as a casting but i guess it could be MIM as well.

    but hey... here's the good news. they last and last and last. if you search for "idpasteyr" you'll find reviews of the pistol up to and over 100,000 rounds. though he's officially switched to the m+p for competition, i'm sure his steyr is still running strong.

    i believe he had more trouble with drop safeties than anything.

    here's even better news. let's say you take your cdnn steyr out of the box with a broken anything. SAI will patch it up for free. and if it breaks next year? well, SAI has been building a reputation on their commitment to steyr owners so i'm sure they'll be providing the best possible customer service then too. but i obviously can't guarantee any course of action on their part.

    i suspect that SAI sees the american consumer market for what it is (big, profitable and growing) and hopefully steyr- mannlicher's new owners are going to do more with us and more for us.

    that being said, buy with confidence.
  4. Shooter

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    +1 with BigTaco....these guns get better with more shooting.......idpa steyr's report was great and I think is still available reference material here........