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M-A1 Holster thread

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Figured I'd make a thread where I and others can post models of holsters that fit the A1's.

My find is an Uncle Mikes model 8615-0 size 15, Multi positional, Super Slide w/ thumb break. This is an ambidexterous, OTW Holster.

It is a tight fit, but will stretch a bit with use, it is very acceptable, and good for CC, under a coat or blazer.

I know, that isn't a M-A1 in the pic, but mine fits just fine.

This model is available in leather, if you so choose.
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I would like to see a pic of the holster from the side with the A1.
I am always concerned with grip/trigger clearance and the ability to get a proper grip
Sorry Madecov. I'll keep the threads in the right forum.

Well, I took some pics, but my Digital camera threw up on the trip home for some reason, the pics look like someone wiped their bu... er....well, they just don't look good.

The weapon and holster are now locked up in a safe at my dads house, about 1.5 hrs away, so I won't be able to take any more for a little while.

But, I'll tell you that the entire trigger housing is covered with the exception of about 1mm of the trigger guard. None of the open area in the triger guard is visable.

I had to adjust the thumb break so that it and the strap go around the palm area of the upper grip, just under the slide, so the gun is retained securely. If you run it up over the back of the slide assy, it can and will just slip off.
This holster is just a cheap get me by until some good molded holsters come out. You can't go wrong for 16 bucks.
I just ordered one...

I just ordered one of these from
I haven't even seen a pic yet... I hope it works out ;)

Thanks for the post.
All you guys that are looking for a great MA1 holster should check out this month's raffle item from K&D.

Just a thought...

K&D gets great reviews all over the net.
I will be ordering soon.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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