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    :?: I am a new owner of a Steyr Mannlicher M-9. Bought it new for a about $350. However, i noticed they had a Steyr M9 for $500. I asked what the difference was, and they said both pistols were the same. I wonder, is there a difference between my M-9, and the M9?
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    No, there is the M9 and the latest, the M9A1. Thats about it. M-9 and M9 are the same. I could be wrong however, I do not think I am.

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    The working are pretty much the same, M9A1 has reworked ejector and ergonomics with light attachment area........but you got a good pistol for 350........enjoy it.........
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    :) Appreciate the info guys. Also, i heard there's a shoulder stock for the Steyr. Is that true? If so, where can i buy one. One other thing: is the recoil on the M9 better than the recoil on the GLOCK 22? I heard the GLOCK has a very light recoil. I wonder how it compares to Steyr.
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    I've only seen one guy post his Steyr pistol with the shoulder stock... look in the pics section under "steyr rifles" and it's there in the same pic as an AR. Don't know where to buy one though.

    The G22 has more recoil than the M9 primarily because the G22 is chambered in .40. It's not really an even comparison. The closest Glock to an M9 would probably be the G19 and the M9 has a little less felt recoil IMO.
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    great buy! Congratulations! :wink:
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    I too just got an M9. Arrived at the shop for me yesterday, and put 100 rounds through it. Fantastic gun!

    I'm curious about the various designations as well. Mine is one of the newer ones, with the rail, no manual safety. I know that's considered an M9-A1, but I've heard the designation M9-A01, any insight?

  8. I could be wrong, but I think IGB sells the pistol stocks for the Steyr M-series.
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    Question: Why does the M9A1 not have "A-1" stamped on the side of the slide like the M-40 A-1 does?

    Just found a thread from Madecov on pg 5. Nevermind.
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    $350.00 for the M is not bad.
    $500.00 for the A1 is bad :lol:

    Welcome to the club. Enjoy and shoot a lot. The Steyr is one of the most ergonomic pistols out there. and it is a hoot to shoot
  11. Well $500.00 might not be a bad price if the pistol is from a local gun shop and that includes the tax on it. Other wise I would say it is a bad price if that $500.00 doesn't include tax. I mean you've got to factor in shipping and FFL transfer fees in internet purchases and I like to hold my pistol in my hand before I buy it....just real old school that way I guess.

    $350.00 for an M-series though is a great price.
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    $500 a bad price that depends on who is selling it.
    if I were to ever part I would want $500.

    c'mon who wouldnt want top dollar?

    buy low sell high