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Steyr M-9 report
It's a winner!!!

I took my new Steyr M-9 to the indoor range a few weeks ago and ran about 250 rounds of assorted 9mm thru it:

Blazer aluminum 115gr ball
Independence 115gr ball
WWB 115gr ball
Gold Dot 124gr JHP and 147gr JHP

MY first impression upon shooting the Steyr was how easy it was to control the weapon;muzzle flip is almost non-existant due to the grip angle and low bore axis.This,combined with the quick-to-acquire sight system made the pistol a breeze for rapid fire drills at 10 yrds .

Functioning with the Blazer was fitful at first with a few FTE's....given these were the first to be shot thru the gun and things cleared up after the second box of WWB went downrange,I suspect this was just the slide short-stroking as it wasn't quite doubling but stopping just short of feeding the next round in line.I had one FTE with the second box of 50 (WWB) and the remaining 150+ went without a hitch.Feeding was never an issue.
Groups hendheld at 25yrds were typically in the 3.5-4" range and better is possible IMO with practice...I don't feel the triangular sights are much of a hindrement for decent 25yrd accuracy,but they do excel at the more realistic combat distances under 50ft.
Here's a look at the sights for those not familiar with the Steyr system:


I'm convinced this gun is a keeper and have already managed to locate a nice Galco belt slide that seems to work nicely at keeping my Steyr concealed under a sweatshirt.I look forward to putting a bunch more ammo thru this puppy.


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Nice report amd pics! Welcome to the club.


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I've only shot my M40 once. In 200 rounds or so it didn't hiccup in any way

At 7yds my groups were way tighter than any Glock I've shot and that wasn't even concentrating hard

The M40 will be a duty certified weapon in the near future along with a recently aquired CDNN walther P99
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