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M-40 found

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Local Gander Mountain. $349.00

Glad I got mine from CDNN for under $300.00 including the shipping.
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I purchased my M-40 from a local Gander Mountain and in fact, that is the first place I ever saw a Steyr Pistol. I had been looking at purchasing a handgun for home defense, because as many of you know i use to live in an apartment complex with ALOT of B&Es, Drugs, and shootings. At first like many, many people I had thought of buying a GLOCK, but fell in love with the grip and angle of the Steyr M-40.

I went home and did some research on the internet and concluded that the Steyr had some serious advantages over the Glock. I shopped around and test fired an M-40 at a local gun shop and found its performance to be stellar. Long story short, Gandor Mountain was at the time the cheapest place for me to buy an M-40 so I picked it up there.

However, if I had known about CDNN investments at that time I would have ordered it through them, but I'm sure glad that my local Gandor Mountain carried the Steyr or I may have ended up with a GLOCK.
Ahhh, by the time you pay shipping and the FFL fees etc. you're not to far off and you get it right away. I wouldn't mind spending the extra $20-40 to go to the store and pick one up localy. It's probably more recent production too.
CDNN no longer has M40's
When I purchased mine the price wa under $280.00
8.25% tax here
on average figure $25.00 transfer (not if I do it though)
$9.00 shipping

previously at the lower CDNN price I did transfers that came out at $310.00 for the gun , 4 magazines, Transfer fee, and a freebie from CDNN......... Close so it's still a decent deal.

For anyone in the Houston area the Gander is one at 290 & Hwy 6
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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