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M-40 "Bad egg?"

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HI All - took a break from shooting for awhile and saw that this forum found its own from Glock Talk. Great job to the founders!

On a side note, I have shot my M-40 once after my original sear failure (i think i am the only one who has reported one). Dennis from USA Steyr fixed mine over a year ago under warrantyand it shot great after i checked it after the repair. Decided to go to the range today and started experiencing issues right off the bat. Striker release failed about 10 times in 30 rounds. I knew something was immediately wrong. Once i came home and disassembled, the a piece of the drop safety fell out. I am very concerned I may just have a "bad egg" as i know Steyr's are known for their quality.

Once question to the pro's on the Steyr Arms in GA now the authorized repair center? I hate to send this out again when it looks as though i can replace the part myself.

Thanks to all that might know. [/img]
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contact Steyr Arms in Ga

if they recommend sending it in would do so. they may replace it with MA1
Hi everyone -

I'll keep everyone up to date. Spoke to Jack this morning and he knows about my past problem with the sear failure (I think i am the only reported case of a sear failure so far). Anyways he wants me to send the whole firearm back. He showed great concern and i was given the impression they want to completely break the gun down and see if there is an underlying cause. Thanks again.

PS - I had posted a picture of the failed sear way back when on Glock Talk. If anyone is curous to view please let me know and i will email it. I dont have the ability to post a picture here for some reason (maybe because i just joined).
Jack will treat you right.
Factory service is first class. Jack and company are bending over backwards to insure that customers are taken care of.
Hi Everyone -

quick update. Received my M40 back from USA Steyr. Drop safety was repaired and test fired. All appears well. Now its time to get to the range to ensure all is ok. I also followed hihoslva's extractor cleaning instructions. I am going to cross my fingers and hope nothing else crops up. Hat's off to Jack and USA Steyr as they were exceptional to deal with.
Good to hear about the good service and that everything went ok. Mine is over there now and Ive been sweating bricks about my baby!!
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