Lucky break at the range

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by zucrew, Oct 29, 2007.

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    So I had to disassemble my A1 at the range to correct an error I made in hastily reassembling it while dinking around with it earlier. Those great how to take it apart pics on the site motivated me to spread my parts out on my table for viewing.

    I broke it down, took the trigger assembly out of the frame, took the trigger apart to correct it, and then attempted to reassemble.
    Got it almost all back together, when the little lock spring, took a trip into neverland. Frustrated, I looked and looked, and as they started to sweep up the old brass, became convinced I would now own a disfunctional Steyr. Depression started to grow, as I hadn't brought enough .45 rounds just to shoot my 1911 all by itself.

    Fortune smiled on me, as I looked one last time in front of the bench and spied it out. So during the cold range I was able to rescue it and put it back together correctly.

    So, even when reassembling, one should use those plastic bags...

  2. Syntax360

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    You're definitely not the first to have that problem - I think Wulf has a story about turning a hotel room inside out looking for that sucker once upon a time. Glad to hear you found it and all is well. 8)

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    :shock: :shock: :shock:

    You were allowed to disassemble your weapon on the range?

    Most around here will not allow that.....
  4. Netfotoj

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    You're far braver than I, sir, taking apart the trigger mechanism at the range! :shock:

    There's no rule against it at the range I use, but jeepers, I wouldn't try that for a million bucks. I'd have a better chance of spitting into a hurricane than doing anything more complicated than a field strip while at the range.

    Hat's off to you! :!:
  5. I think every Steyr Club member has had that happen or will have that happen at some point.

  6. steyrile

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    This idea of using a plastic bag is genius! I've gotten myself into a fix trying to get two tiny plunger springs into a geared mechanism in an old camera without success so far. Have come close to losing one part a couple times already and out of frustration thought I'd relax a bit on the internet. Find myself at one of my favorite haunts and a possible solve for this mess is right here in the brain trust aka SteyrClub!
    I love this group and my M9.
    The 1935 vintage Zeiss Ikon Super Ikomat camera project isn't going as well as hoped for... :cry: but oh well, I'll blow my blues away tomorrow with a little target practice. If I didn't have so much invested in the camera it would be fun to hit it with a couple well placed 12ga slugs. :D
    Health, Peace
  7. zucrew

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    Forgot to mention,

    the gun worked fine, 150 rounds without a hiccup, (the trigger reset problem aside)
    that wasn't the guns fault, it cycled and fed everytime.

    No FTFs like the first two times.